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  • Derricks - Scammed too - don't do this

    The Pimsleur Approach scammed us as well - like many others who have written here. We purchased the trial and ended up begin sent two other packages - charging us $250+ and they wont' take them back.

  • Gary Hanson - Fun read

    I really liked it. I have come to the conclusion that I like the Virgil Flowers books a bit better than the Lucas Davenport ones. The Davenport ones are probably tighter, and well written and intense, but Virgil Flowers are a lot more lively. Both are good. Probably nice for the author to switch between characters.

  • Scott - Not much replay value

    The "game" consists of pressing a button that says "Select Server" That's it. There is some excitement when it occasionally does respond to the clicking, and pops up a menu where you can choose from several servers. Upon selecting a server you have completed the game as nothing else happens. I guess I beat it?

  • dan b. - Great buy.

    Bought this battery pack to run my GoPro while filming my kids playing baseball and softball. Works great. Dont even have to recharge it over the course of an entire weekend tournament which consists of about 5 games. Great product.

  • Saved Man - Super...

    I have used this tax program since it was called "Andrew Tobias Tax Cut", I thought it would drop in quality when H@R Block took over but it just gets easier to use each year. Priced better then the competitor and is every bit as accuate and user friendly. Hope to use it for many more years.

  • Mr. Richard R. Davidson - Orbi is awesome!

    The wireless internet reception in my home is generally hit or miss. I have tried multiple internet wireless extenders with fair to bad results. Multiple times I have had to either reset my device or reset the router or reset the extender. It will work for awhile only to have problems again later. I then hear about Netgear Orbi, and it seems that this may be a cure to my problem after seeing the product on the Netgear website. I was going to wait until the reviews were it, but I couldn't wait, and I pre-ordered. I have been using Orbi now for the past 4-5 days, and this thing is fantastic. I have no dropped signals. My printer does not lose connectivity, my videos run smoother and faster, and I don't have to reset anything! In addition, the setup is extremely quick and easy. I just can't believe how much better my wireless internet is doing. This thing is just awesome, and I am so glad that I bought it.

  • Amazon Customer - Love the commentaries from the cast

    So excited to get the books....everything within the set including the paper is perfection. Love the commentaries from the cast, directors and writers. It gives us, the viewers allot of insight, details and thoughts behind the actual filming. Great Christmas present for anyone who loves Outlander!