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  • popeye1 - Nice

    It works well with my high performance HP computer. I used to use Norton Internet Security for 3 years until I bought a windows 7 pc. After several months of use, I would get boot up problem with blue screen, needing to restore to an earlier date for it to function. After uninstalling Norton and using Kaspersky, I get no more issue. In fact, this security software works as good as Norton, no virus whatsoever. I love their Safe Money feature which give me a peace of mine when banking and buying from online stores. Great stuff!

  • Robert - Not bad for the price!

    I bought a used 50" Seiki TV from a local pawn shop over the weekend. I didn't recognize the brand so I was a very skeptical about getting it. I looked at other tv's there, LG, Sony, etc. I was all ready to buy the LG tv that was next to the Seiki but I noticed the picture quality on the Seiki was so much better than the other tv's. The sales clerk talked me into getting the Seiki. I absolutely love the picture quality on this tv. It is a used Seiki that was manufactured in August of 2012. Reading the reviews here makes me a little nervous but considering the tv is now over a year old and still works great, I think I can rest a little easier. My only complaint with this TV is the sound quality is very poor. Sounds like its coming out of a tin can. I connected a set of external pc surround sound speakers and it sounds great however the volume controls don't work for external sound. So now I have to move my stereo receiver into the living room in order to control the volume on the external speakers. Other than that I love this tv.

  • BRELME - Rancid

    Upon opening the vial, the smell was obviously rancid. I discovered after some research that argan oil should never be packaged in a clear bottle because light can make it deteriorate. I sent it back for a refund.

  • angelblush - Best accounting software!

    After 3 1/2 months of extensive review (online forum and review websites) and 30 days of free trial of both Quickbooks and Peachtree, I have finally settled and found my "accounting niche" in Peachtree! I have a recently established 2-person business with NO accounting experience whatsoever except for the Splashmoney and Moola I downloaded for my Droid. So I wanted to be 100% sure of doing research before spending for a software I plan to use for a long time with my Windows XP.

  • Amazon Customer - It's A Tight Fit

    Great looking product. You get what you pay for though. The stock grill fits perfectly in place. This was a little tight and almost didn't line up. But it's been about a month know and hasn't fallen off yet!

  • Felicia mathews - Got these for my 2015 Toyota prius C. They ...

    Got these for my 2015 Toyota prius C. They fit OK...but for the money, they could have made them just a bit bigger. On the driver side, the mat could have come up just a few inches more on the floor left side. It's where your left foot goes, and being 6' and big feet, the mat does not cover entirely where my left foot goes,, and hence, water, dirt, mud ect seeps under the mat, onto my supposed custom fit weathertech mat.