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  • amabuyer555 - Get it.

    Good guitar. Way to often, the game will crash. But that may be my console. I would definitely buy this as a gift.

  • Skeptik - easy to read and informative

    I get this every year to make sure I don't miss any tax breaks. It answers most all of my questions--too bad they don't have a California supplement for our California forms but other than that it's quite thorough and even entertaining at times.

  • John S. Ryan - For men too

    I'm a red-blooded heterosexual male and I'd never really thought about using women's pens before. But these make me feel pretty.

  • Shanese - One You Don't Want To Miss

    So honestly I thought this book was going to be nothing more than a short book about a girl who was kidnapped by one vampire and falls for another, and while that was what happened it was so much more than that. Sofia was a girl who didn't let something that happened to her rule her life. She was smart, feisty, and brave. She doesn't let her fear keep her from anything. Though she is scared and knows that giving in would be the easier thing to do she still tries to get away. What I really loved about Sofia was that once the prince showed interest in her she never felt consumed by everything. Not once did she think "oh everything is great and I never want to leave." There was some kind of conflict within herself, even though at some points her life seemed better than before.

  • Adriana - amazing results!

    I have taken this product & went from size 16 to 10 in 3mo! Never weighed myself cuz the scale is my foe! My bro took it b4 me & lost 90# in 4mo! U want it to work great & faster...stop eating junk! With nothing u take will u lose weight if u cont to eat junk!