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  • Rick - Best Anti-Virus Available

    I have used Norton, as they and McAfee were the two big dogs from the outset. Using Bitdefender lets me know that Norton and McAfee are past it. Bitdefender runs silently in back of your computer while blocking EVERYTHING that could slow or infect your system.

  • Amazon Customer - fast shipping

    I ordered the cream it shipped very fast. Cream smells good and is non greasy. Havent been using it consistently but when i do i will post before and after pics

  • Michael, The Sir Ov' Sir's - Does not focus enough and push lens further

    depending on the app the distance for ur eyes can hurt since they cant go out further. Some google vr apps if works not greatly but enough for like 20 minutes before I get a headache

  • Joel N. Sturman - An Easy Read but lots of nitty detail I had forgotten about.

    Well written. A great perspective on the foundations of today's disfunctional government. Looking forward to Balz's next book to follow.

  • M. Allen - Be persistent- This stuff works if used right.

    I bought a kit with this gallon bottle, a can of aerosol stuff, some Diatomaceous Earth, and traps, from a popular DIY store website. I also got 6lbs more of the DE, because I already know that stuff works on everything that has an exoskeleton and crawls. So, I tested each product in plastic containers first: DE- flat, unfed bugs regardless of age/life cycle, dead in 24 hours or less, bugs that appear to have fed, 3-5 days. For the Aerosol by this same company- Young bugs, early life cycle tiny and small ones I mean, were killed , but adults, would sit still for a while, then get up and move again. With this gallon stuff, instant fatality. Adults, juveniles, tiny tiny baby ones, all of them. Instant death. I transferred it into another spray bottle using a funnel, and it has been, along with my DE, our front line attack on these bugs. Don't give up after a week or a month. Be prepared to fight for 3-9 months, as these insects can fit in spaces that a piece of paper can be slid through. I started with the spray, hit every nook, cranny, corner of the house. Look up....they are not just on the floors and baseboards. They will climb the wall and stay up under crown molding, or in the corners of your walls/ceilings. After all the spray is dry, Be diligent with the DE. Use a squeeze bottle with a pointed tip (like those empty ketchup and mustard bottles you can buy for a buck at local big retailers like Walmart) that you can poke under baseboards, then squeeze and puff it in there, leaving a light dusting on anything it comes in contact with. Wear a face mask, because while DE is not harmful in small amounts, you don't really want to breath in large amounts of this stuff, it can cause health problems. And remember, once DE gets wet, it's no longer effective. If you have high humidity, vacuum it up once a week and reapply. Don't listen to all the lore and crap out there.... "they don't like tile", or "they don't like cold", blah blah blah) They do not care. They will travel up to 300ft for a blood meal, across any surface they can hold onto, can live one year without feeding, they are mostly blind in daylight, and see using infrared for heat, and CO2 to find their food sources at night. Most active between midnight and 5am. They WILL feed on cats and dogs, unlike head lice. They are very persistent. You must be more persistent. Get mattress covers that zip up around the whole mattress. Get one for the boxspring too. Duct tape over the zippers, because the babies can get through them. I sprayed the mattress, and let it dry. Leave those covers on at least 18 months. I puffed in some DE before I taped em up. Double sided very sticky tape for the legs of your bedframe. Vacuum every few days, get your carpets steam cleaned if you can. On furniture, like couches and chairs, remove any covers if possible and wash. unzip couch pillows if possible, puff that DE in there. Pull cushions off couches, vacuum the whole thing, and puff that DE in there (I actually cut a little slit in the material that goes into the open area of the inside of my couch on the bottom and puffed that stuff in like crazy to coat the whole inside). Launder any curtains, laundry, coats, blankets, sheets, etc in hot water/hot dryer at least 40min. Even the ones you think haven't been exposed. Everything. Use this spray on any live bugs you encounter. Good Luck.