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Alpharetta Holistic Chiropractor - Welcome to Holistic Health Center P.C. We offer gentle holistic chiropractic care and natural healing methods to help restore function to the body

  • https://holistichealthga.com/chiropractic-care/ Gentle Chiropractic Care - Dr. Dellaria explains the foundation of chiropractic care including the science, treatment and the chiropractic examination.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/applied-kinesiology-2/ Applied Kinesiology - Dr. Dellaria explains this incredible form of diagnosis which uses the muscular system to communicate with the nervous system to find problem areas.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/cranial-adjustments/ Cranial Adjustments - Explains what a chiropractic cranial adjustment is and how this can benefit your body. Cranial misalignments lead to many health problems.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/myofascial-release-technique/ Myofascial Release Technique - Explains the myofascial release technique we use at Holistic Health Center, P.C. with the percussor instrument.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/clinical-nutrition/ Nutrition Response Testing - Through muscle response testing we test the organs and glands of the body for stress, then determine what nutrients will help them to heal.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/allergy-treatment/ Allergy Treatment - This allergy treatment has you hold on to vials containing the frequency of allergens then you are balanced to these frequencies.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/zerona-fat-burning-laser/ Zerona Fat Burning Laser - This cold laser painlessly stimulates the fat cells to release the solid fat in storage back into the liquid state. You then burn it for energy.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/emotional-balancing/ Emotional Balancing - Explains the emotional balancing techniques we offer at Holistic Health Center, P.C. and how this helps balance people.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/laboratory-services/ Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis - Dr. Dellaria explains functional blood chemistry analysis and how it differs from medical blood analysis. Many people suffer from functional issues.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/laser-therapy-is-not-just-for-melting-belly-fat/ Cold Laser Therapy - This laser balances the tissues of the body such as if a cell is over or under firing it brings it back to normal, painlessly.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/oxygen-therapy/ Oxygen Therapy - We offer oxygen therapy at Holistic Health Center, P.C. Delivers over 85% pure oxygen to the tissues which helps the body heal and repair faster.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/cellular-detox/ Cellular Detox Footbath - Dr. Dellaria explains how the Cellular Detox Footbath works and what to expect from a treatment. Watch the videos of a before and after session.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/massage-therapy/ Alpharetta Massage Therapy - We offer massage therapy at Holistic Health Center, P.C. in Alpharetta. Some say it was the best massage they have ever had.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/thermography-scans/ Alpharetta Thermography Scans - We offer an non-invasive way of detecting inflammation in almost every area of the body. Inflammation precedes most all disease states.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/page-1/ Holistic Chiropractic Care Alpharetta - Explains the gentle holistic chiropractic care we offer at Holistic Health Center, P.C. and how this differs from standard medical treatment.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/welcome-video/ Welcome Video Office Tour - Welcome to Holistic Health Center, P.C. Please enjoy our welcome video and see how holistic chiropractic care can change your life.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/chiropractic-adjusting-videos/ Chiropractic Adjusting Videos - Dr. Dellaria uses an instrument to lightly adjust the bones of the spine back into their correct alignment. The Adjuster is virtually painless.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/dr-dellarias-story-2/ Meet Dr. Dellaria - Meet Dr. Dellaria as he shares with you his life changing story that created in him a deep desire to give back what was given to him.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/dr-dellarias-education-2/ Dr. Dellaria Education - Read about Dr. Dellaria and his education both pre and post doctorate as well as all of his continuing education courses.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/patient-video-testimonials/ Video Testimonials - Watch people tell their incredible success stories through being under holistic chiropractic care.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/weightloss_nutritional/ Weight Loss Nutritional Cleanse - Read about patients incredible weight loss results from the 9 day cleanse that we offer at Holistic Health Center, P.C.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/female/ Female Related Issues - Read some amazing success stories from patients with female related issues who saw results with holistic chiropractic care.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/allergies/ Allergy Symptoms - Read about people who had incredible success with our allergy treatment. Some had allergies that were greatly reduced if not eliminated.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/leganklearm/ Leg Pain Arm Pain - Read through success stories of people who had leg and arm pain and had excellent results with holistic chiropractic care.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/back_neck/ Back Pain Neck Pain - Read our Patient Success stories from those suffering with Back and Neck Pain and how holistic chiropractic care helped them.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/misc/ Multiple Problems - Read about people and their incredible success with holistic chiropractic care and a long list of symptoms they were suffering from.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/alpharetta-chiropractor-part-i/ Alpharetta Chiropractors - Dr. Dellaria explains the training chiropractic doctors go through and different treatment methods some use while also what to expect on your first visit.
  • https://holistichealthga.com/alpharetta-chiropractor-part-ii/ Alpharetta Chiropractor - Dr. Dellaria explains the training a chiropractic doctor goes through and how it is similar to a medical doctors training and how it is different.

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