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CampusClarity - Think About It prepares new college students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life.

  • https://home.campusclarity.com/programs/ Programs | CampusClarity - CampusClarity is a one-stop solution for all of your campus's compliance training needs. In addition to Think About It, our award-winning substance abuse and
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/programs/student-programs/ Substance Abuse & Sexual Assault Prevention for Students | CampusClarity - Think About It is an ongoing online substance and sexual abuse training program that prepares students to confront and prevent serious campus problems. Our
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/programs/faculty-and-staff-training/ Training for Faculty and Staff | CampusClarity - CampusClarity is a service of LawRoom, an online compliance training company that has trained employees at more than 3,500 companies.
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/tool-and-resources/ Tools & Resources | CampusClarity - Administrative tools and freely-available resources supplement and extend the positive impact of our online training.
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/tool-and-resources/administrative-tools/ Administrative Tools | CampusClarity - Our administrative tools make it simple to manage users, assign courses, and send notifications.
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/tool-and-resources/real-time-reporting/ Real-Time Reports | CampusClarity - CampusClarity offers in-depth, real-time reports on student course usage. Extensive reports from the CampusClarity learning management system help you to assess
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/blog/ CampusClarity Blog | CampusClarity - Nisi ut? Rhoncus quis! Platea proin massa! Duis dolor lectus eu scelerisque amet pulvinar placerat facilisis nunc elementum et lectus eros Nisi ut? Rhoncus
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/about-campusclarity/ About Us | CampusClarity - CampusClarity, a service of LawRoom, is a one-stop-shop to train students, staff, and faculty. Since 1994, LawRoom has helped 75,000 employers comply with the
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/programs/student-programs/turning-points/ Turning Points | CampusClarity - Think About It: Turning Points provides students with a comprehensive foundation in four areas: sex in college, partying smart, sexual violence, and healthy
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/programs/student-programs/good-friends/ Good Friends | CampusClarity - Think About It: Good Friends follows up with students early in their college life to track how their attitudes and behaviors have shifted. It reinforces
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/programs/student-programs/the-way-forward/ The Way Forward | CampusClarity - Think About It: The Way Forward addresses students who have spent between seven and nine months on campus and are largely adjusted to college life. It extends
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/about-us/student-accolades/ Student Accolades | CampusClarity - “…I really felt like I was exposed to possible real-life situations, and thus I feel more prepared in avoiding them and doing what is right.” -University of Sa
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/about-us/customer-success/ Customer Success | CampusClarity - CampusClarity: Trusted by organizations of all sizes across the United States.
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/a-checklist-for-title-ix-employee-training/ A Checklist for Title IX Employee Training | CampusClarity - Is the Department of Education about to get really, truly serious about Title IX enforcement? All the signs point to "Yes." In the past few weeks we've seen a
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/what-to-look-for-in-prevention-programs/ What to Look for in Prevention Programs | CampusClarity - Over the next few weeks, we'll be publishing a series of posts on what you should look for in campus prevention programs. The Campus SaVE Act requires
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/what-is-ongoing/ What is Ongoing? | CampusClarity - In this first entry or our series of posts on what to look for in an online training program for your school, we'll discuss the value of finding a program that
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/mccaskill-survey-produces-disturbing-results/ McCaskill Survey Produces Disturbing Results | CampusClarity - Yesterday, Senator McCaskill released a report that is based on the results of a survey she sent to 440 four-year universities and colleges as well as
  • https://home.campusclarity.com/golden-state-auditor-issues-report/ Golden State Auditor Issues Report | CampusClarity - Sexual assault prevention programs at California's public universities receive scrutiny from state auditors as well as federal investigations. The State

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  • Merm - Activating Service

    Here's the scoop if you need to reactivate your Payroll without having to renew through Intuit, which, by the way, is at least three times the cost of this product.

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    Interesting but hypothetical novel of the soldier who married the widowed Queen of England and founded the Tudor dynasty. Who was Owen Tudor? This seems as plausible as any theory!

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