Review: Hotel Sa Barrera Menorca Calan Porter - Official Website - The Hotel Sa Barrera built on a rock in the bay of Cala en Porter, offers a splendid sea view. It is an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility, comfort and romantic atmosphere. Because romantic and relaxing atmosphere we offer our customers, the minimum age is 18 years. Hotel has a garden, swimming pool, bar, restaurant and great views and finished handmade, Hotel Sa Barrera shows originality and unique design.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3558 California, United States

  • Nicole - Subscribe and Save Gummy Bears

    At first I couldn't believe that they sold gummy bears in 5 lb bags. Who needs 5 pounds of gummy bears at once? Then I saw they were available for subscribe and save. Who needs to subscribe to gummy bear shipments? A couple days later I needed to subscribe.

  • R. McCarthy - I Swore I Would Never Use McAfee Again...But I'm Loving This!

    I swore I would never use McAfee again, since about 8 yrs ago it wiped my PC out, and I have to reinstall everything.

  • Bobby W. - Awesome package for the price

    Sure, there's probably a new version of Rocksmith right around the corner, yet for $40 I think you get way more than your money's worth with this 2014 edition. I've just noodled around with it for a couple days, and so far, this package has exceeded my expectations.

  • Libby - Did not work

    I was really excited to receive this product and it looked really cool. I have not seen a light that had a choice to have a rechargeable battery attached. Unfortunately this product did not work. The only time it turned on was only with a USB connected. We added batteries and it would not work at all. I really wish this would of been different. We do a lot of hunting and camping and this would of been great for our family****I was given a discount for this product for my honest review**********

  • Nick - Bad mattress. period.

    Horrible mattress, great marketing. My back hurt for the entire three weeks we had it, I contacted casper and they told me to give it two to three months before it would feel comfortable! Whatever you do DO NOT BUY THROUGH AMAZON. Casper will not honor trial period or warranty if you purchase through amazon. And shipping back is a NIGHTMARE, it took two large guys and my wife to get it back in a box that ups will accept. When I contacted casper

  • Embo - Super fast healing!

    I absolutely love this lotion! I recently got a medium-size tat which ran over my wrist onto my hand and involved a fair amount of finer lines, etc. Thanks to After Inked, it has healed at twice the speed of my earlier tat and -- barring the differences in location and size -- with far less overall aggravation and itching. Even after applying generously for a minimum of 3-4 times a day over 4+ weeks, I still have at least half the tube left.

  • Amazon Customer - great product

    used for the first time on our black lab. It really does lather up easily and rinse off easily! Our girl likes to be clean and she was very happy after her Moosh bath! We have never had a flea problem, so did not buy for that reason, but like the natural ingredients! Good product!