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  • Robert R - Looks good, reception mediocre

    The look of this item is much nicer than the standard wire antenna that the 2014 Toyota Sienna comes with, but the reception is a 2 out of 5. This is the first time in years that I've had a radio that is not very clear. The static, delays, and interruptions from poor reception is quite annoying.

  • I couldn't put it down! - I couldn't put it down!

    It's been a long time since I came across a book that I couldn't put down. Despite all the more recent books about Shackleton, Alfred Lansing's book is still wonderful. He creates a sort of suspense so you are constantly wondering what will happen next to this band of star-crossed but determined explorers, what harrowing hardship will they overcome next? . I couldn't help musing whether I would behave as bravely in their situation. A great read!

  • Donna F - Garbage.

    I am so sorry that I "upgraded" from 2009!...which was fine. Having heard nothing but horror stories about these latest vertsions and being unable to download stock info etc, I finally took a chance and "UPgraded", or so they call it. My bank and credit card balances are totally screwed up. My bank acct, which I reconcile monthly, has not been "cleared" since June of 2013 and the balance, which I'd checked earlier today on my OLD and BETTER Quicken, is totally wrong. I have no idea how I am going to clean up the total mess this has caused. The last thing I will do is call this company for help. Unfortunately, the download process automatically deleted my 2009 Quicken, so now I'm stuck.

  • E. Wexler - not what I had hoped - but there's a positive update to this review

    I bought this product to do both disk imaging on a Windows 7 machine for disaster recovery and also to do directory and file backups of my own user data if I screwed something up. The disk imaging seems to have worked well; the directory and file level backups did not. I get an error that says "operation failed." Customer service can take a week to respond (and they apologize for the delay). Their first guess was to slow the write speed at which the backup was written. This suggestion didn't work. The process where "operation failed" created an actual file and the second guess is to use a utility they provide to verify the file because even though "operation failed," the backup may be good. It may be, but I'm left with little confidence given that "operation failed." Nobody can tell me how to make operation succeed.

  • Danielle Mitchell - Love this! What can I say

    Love this! What can I say, it's a Harry Potter cookbook! My family has had a lot of fun playing with making the recipes in the book. They are easy to follow and fun to do.

  • Caron - Does Not Work

    So I took it for one month to see if I would get any results, I did not even lose one pound on it. Definitely not a good product, I even tried taking two in the morning and two at lunch time. NO RESULTS - If I have to take more than that in one day it obviously SUCKS

  • george - Liked this supplement.

    I liked B4 much. It gave me energy, strength and motivation, but seemed a bit underdosed. It didn't give me the same amount of energy as 1MR VORTEX (Best pre-workout supplement I've ever used) but did it's job well. What I especially liked in this supplement is that I could go to sleep without problems. No crash. I didn't notice any side effects or something like that so I definitely recommend this for a stim sensitive individual.