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  • bigdawg - Disappointed

    I am a big fan of Amazon and religiously read product reviews before making purchase decisions. That being said I purchased the Sodastream from another vendor because of a great deal. I am extremely disappointed in the flavors. All of the flavors I have tried other than those that say no artificial ingredients added have a terrible artificial sweetener aftertaste. Most don't even taste like the flavor they are trying to imitate. I didn't buy this product to experiment purchasing flavors from other sources. I wanted to cut down on my use of artificially flavored teas and sodas.In addition I find I need to carbonate an additional 2 buzzes (5) to just get my beverage moderately sparkling thus adding to my cost per bottle.

  • Suzette - This product looks and feels just like custard but smells a little like vicks

    This product looks and feels just like custard but smells a little like vicks. I haven 't noticed anything with the cellulite but I have only been using it for a week. I do want to say that you do NOT want to put this on when it is cold. It was the first day of fall and it happen to be a pretty cold morning AND on top of that I wasn't feeling well. I put this on remembering how it heated my back up really nice the day before. Well it made my skin so freaking cold and I could not get warm no matter how many blankets I put over me. I had to get back into the shower and scrub it off because I just couldn't take the cold feeling.

  • kflynn - Cheaply made

    Very cheaply manufactured and causing all sorts of blisters. I would avoid and stick with a shoe that you can try on first.

  • Sanielle DeBois - Great!

    I received this really quickly! My son loves them and he is training for football with these and they are doing great!

  • Reviewdini - Smelly, read for detail.

    Personally, I hate this. But I'm biased. I hate scents. However... we purchased this because we decided to make our own baby wipes and solution. This was great for that. A little oil helps treat the bottom and keep it soft and smooth, and while this stuff smells very strongly, you aren't using more than 2 drops in the whole solution, so it dilutes and doesn't smell as bad.

  • Ms. James - For the correct use.

    Better for spot reduction. As a matter of a fact, it is WONDERFUL for spot reduction. If you put it on and allow it time to dry, it will reduce the pimple GREATLY. It is worth the money, but don't expect it to stop your acne.