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Izun Pharmaceuticals - One of the Best New York's Pharmaceutical Companies - Izun Pharma is one of the best pharmaceutical company in New York, NY. We are dedicated to developing drugs and OTC products derived from natural sources with current focus on topical treatment of inflammation and tissue repair. For more information contact us on 212-618-6357

  • http://izunpharma.com/about/ About Izunpharma - Pharmaceutical Company in New York, NY - Izun Pharmaceuticals is an emerging biopharmaceutical company in New York, with a product portfolio for superior efficacy and safety to current periodontal disease treatments. To know more about Izun Pharma call on 212-618-6357
  • http://izunpharma.com/about/the-izun-concept/ The Izun Concept | Izun Pharmaceuticals - Izun Pharmaceuticals Corp. is dedicated to developing drugs and OTC products derived from natural sources and with a highly efficacious therapeutic profile
  • http://izunpharma.com/about/company-profile/ Company Profile | Izun Pharmaceuticals - Control of the inflammatory response and of tissue repair are major medical challenges encompassing a wide range of medical conditions. Existing treatments
  • http://izunpharma.com/about/quality-policy/ Quality Policy | Izun Pharmaceuticals - Quality Policy of Izun Pharmaceuticals Corp. The Company's quality policy is to develop products of excellence. This is achieved by designing, maintaining,
  • http://izunpharma.com/about/management-team/ Management/Scientific Team | Izun Pharmaceuticals - Jack V. Talley - CEO  Jack V. Talley is a pharmaceutical management professional with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. He has taken three
  • http://izunpharma.com/about/board-of-directors/ Board of Directors | Izun Pharmaceuticals - William Z. Levine - Chairman William Z. Levine, DDS,  is the director and founder of the Jerusalem Perio Center, the largest and foremost private healthcar
  • http://izunpharma.com/about/scientific-advisory-board/ Scientific Advisors | Izun Pharmaceuticals - Ira Lamster, DDS, MMSc Dean of Dental Medicine Columbia University Leading researcher in periodontal inflammation   Stephen T. Sonis, DMD, DMSc Chair
  • http://izunpharma.com/products/periopatch/ PerioPatch - Periodontal Disease Treatment Product From Izun Pharmaceutical NY - PerioPatch is a topical patch for periodontal disease treatment from Izun Pharmaceutical in New York. The PerioPatch is designed to relieve the signs and symptoms of inflammation caused by gingivitis and periodontitis. Call us on 212-618-6357 for more info.
  • http://izunpharma.com/products/sootheandcure/ Soothe and Cure - Best Way To Treat Aphthous Ulcers by Izun Pharmaceutical - Sooth and Cure is a thin oral adhesive patch developed by Izun Pharmaceuticals. The Soothe and Cure help to reduce inflammation and protects against abrasion and irritation, allowing the body to heal the ulceration. Contact us on 212-618-6357 for more information.
  • http://izunpharma.com/products/periactive/ PeriActive - Rinsing System To Reduce Inflammation from Izun Pharmaceuticals - Reduces Inflammation and bacterial plaque by PeriActive, a triple-action rinsing system from Izun Pharmaceuticals in NY. PeriActive help to control oral bacteria and reduce gingival inflammation and bleeding. To knoe more call us on 212-618-6357
  • http://izunpharma.com/products/izn-6d4/ IZN-6D4 | Izun Pharmaceuticals - IZN-6D4, a hydrogel-based product, has been shown to be efficacious in the treatment of both diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.
  • http://izunpharma.com/products/izn-6n4/ IZN-6N4 | Izun Pharmaceuticals - IZN-6N4 is an oral rinse designed for the prevention of oral mucositis, specifically targeting side effects of radiation and chemotherapies.
  • http://izunpharma.com/investor-relations/ Investor Relations | Izun Pharmaceuticals - Izun was founded in the year 2000 as a US corporation registered in Delaware, with corporate head offices located in New York City. It has been funded sinc
  • http://izunpharma.com/investor-relations/executive-summary/ Executive Summary | Izun Pharmaceuticals - October 2015 OVERVIEW Controlling inflammation and enhancing tissue repair are major medical challenges that impact upon a wide range of acute and chronic
  • http://izunpharma.com/contact/ Contact - Izun Pharmaceuticals in New York, NY - To know about oral care product or to purchase online contact Izun Pharma on 212-618-6357.
  • http://izunpharma.com/izun-oral-care-products-featured-whats-hot-getting-hotter/ Izun Pharmaceuticals - Restoring the balance - Izun Oral Care has been featured in this months issue of AGD Impact! We are proud to announce that our products were spotlighted in What’s Hot and What’s G
  • http://izunpharma.com/periopatch-presented-isdh/ Izun Pharmaceuticals - Restoring the balance -                           A study on PerioPatch is being presented at an International Sym

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  • A. Allen - Well built but heavy

    We purchased this car seat because it was recommended as having a narrow base to fit three car seats in the back seat of my mid-size SUV. While it is on the narrow side, we ended up not being able to use the rigid latch system in our configuration of three across. It is well made, but by far the heaviest car seat I have ever installed (even three members of the local fire department that checked car seat installation agreed...) For those who have to move car seats around frequently, I would recommend a lighter car seat than the Foonf.

  • JeremyPlease - Brooklyn Biltong is my jam. It's jam-packed with flavor ...

    Brooklyn Biltong is my jam. It's jam-packed with flavor. Each batch I've gotten has been absolutely incredible. The flavors, spices, and saltiness level are spot on. It's everything your biltong-heart could ever biltong-wish for. Thank you, Brooklyn Biltong, for coming into my life.

  • Physical Lee - Read.

    This helped double or maybe even tripled my wife's milk production in the beginning, however after this bottle was completed we purchased another and the results seemed to plateau. She had since discontinued this product and there has been no noticeable changes in milk production (going on about a month now).

  • Brian - Quick, simple, and easy!

    If you are buying this to get a close shave and no razor bumps then this is the one! I have tried other trimmer and electric shavers and they never fully did the job. This thing is absolutely perfect. Definitely a great buy. I haven't tried it on my head yet but I could only imagine it to be amazing. Quick, simple, and easy.

  • Alyson Dosdall - I really wanted these to work, but they keep powering down for no reason!

    I was so excited about these. They fit well and stay in my ears even when I'm running. The sound is great--noise cancelling and stereo sound. They're easy to operate. Unfortunately they keep powering down for no reason after about 2 songs even when they're fully charged. Very disappointing!