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  • Stephen Wagner - Great product

    Definitely met expectations as one could hope for in a supplement capsule. Amazon has the best price for all my vitamin needs and Subscribe and Save always keeps one in stock.

  • David W. Ellis - This is a great product and vendor

    This is a great product and vendor. Ive called them and they really were helpful. The remote is working great and was far less then the cost of an OEM. You have to follow the directions perfectly to get keyed in but I am more than satisfied.

  • jerry7 - Efficient and good price

    At first, I thought that the non-flushing niacin was the way to go. But it is obvious to me, reading what flushing is actually about (the dilatation of blood vessels), that those form do not provide the same benefits than flushing Niacin (likely nicotinic acid form). I have also read that "time released" Niacin (not the case for this product) is not good for your liver (long exposure) so if you cannot stand the flush, I would not recommend to take short cuts on non-flushing niacin or time-released / slow-release providing no benefits (non-flushing do not have any effect on cholesterol levels) or worst.

  • Kelly Hernandez - Really helps with stress and anxiety

    I'm a person with lots and lots of stress and these really help. I didn't notice them helping at first but after taking for a month I've started to notice they really help calm me down. They are effective against my really bad anxiety. I recommend these very highly

  • angelinamax - Invisible when applied

    I have tested many brands of tempered glass screen protector, and most are very similar in application and in final appearance after full installation. Most also come with a screen wipe and a few other little items to make application even easier. This kit comes with all that you need. You simply clean off your screen with an alcohol wipe, let dry (dont touch!) and then use the dust remover to be sure there are not tiny dust particles you can't see easily. A speck of dust WILL be noticeable if you forget this step. Next you peel the backing off the glass cover itself and line it up on your phone, press down. It is very simple and the best part is that the bubbles work themselves out. Previously, I was resigned to chasing bubbles out of the plastic screen covers. Not since I've found these.