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  • Jeanine - Holiday Barbie

    My daughter has every holiday barbie since she was born (1999) She said that htis is her favorite because she loves the red dress. She said that it reallly has a Christmas feel.

  • Bibliophile - Quieter than expected, probably because of the short life span

    I bought this Cooper Cooler recently and was extremely pleased with its performance. I'd read reviews saying this machine isn't quiet, it makes a racket... I was prepared to let it do it's thing in the garage if necessary. It wasn't necessary. The cooler doesn't throw the ice around, which I'd thought would be the case; it only spins the bottle or can and that was much quieter than I'd imagined.

  • Florida Sunshine - This stuff is great!

    My husband and I had been ttc for 6 months when I went to my obgyn who recommended that I try pregnitude. I started it on the first day of my period, and the first thing I noticed was that it shortened my period by 2 days (it had been one day longer than normal for me since I had my birth control implant removed 7 months earlier). Of course, the best part of my experience with pregnitude is the positive pregnancy test after only 34 days on pregnitude! My obgyn had given me clomid to try on my next cycle, but thanks to pregnitude , I didn't need it.

  • Daniel Duran - PD32 vs PD32UE

    I have the PD32 and after hearing of the next, new, latest and greatest PD32UE, I had to buy one for myself because I love my PD32 so much. I am having a hard time choosing which one I prefer though. The one thing I've about my original is that it has more of a narrow beam and throw than the UE. They have their tradeoffs, while the UE is brighter and offers an extra brightness mode and some length, it just doesn't throw those 740 lumens as far as the my original's 340 lumens, but it does flood more which could be a good thing depending on the situation. Don't get me wrong though, I love both these flashlights and will not dismiss them for anything because there is nothing wrong with either, I'm just glad to have the best of both worlds.

  • Nick Schwinghamer - High Quality, Reliable ABS

    This is the first ABS filament we've used on our Ultimaker 2 after printing mostly in PLA and PET+. It's been great to work with, and produces a high quality printed product when the slicer settings are correctly configured for ABS. We have had no clogs or quality issues with the filament. It prints easy and looks great when it's done.