John McGuinness Official website - John McGuinness is the current Isle of Man TT lap record holder and the second most successful TT rider of all time with 23 wins and 44 podiums.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 8.6833 Hesse, Germany

  • Brian D. Lang - The soup that eats like a meal!!!!

    I have the 2016 75 year anniversary edition. The color is (granit) with orange trim and orange stitching on the seats. It is my second jeep and I love it. I havent had a chance to drive in the snow, but the season is coming quick. If it comes close to the way my 2006 Liberty provailed, then no worries. That is one of the only reasons i gave 4 stars. Ill probably change to 5 in the spring.

  • C. Taneri - THE BEST

    These instant potatoes, are amazing. period. One package makes a very large amount, and they taste almost as good as homemade mashed potatoes. I love that I can throw a meal together even faster with these, great product.

  • Brandon Kwwnon - Worst Customer Service - Do NOT BUY

    Ok Product - Terrible customer service. Today our company purchased Quickbooks Pro 2014 and have been trying to get it installed for the past 6 hours. After spending 1 hour on there customer support page and following all troubleshooting suggestion, which failed, we called the company and were on hold for 2 hours. We were then assisted by a representative. We gave the representative access to our computers. After 30 minutes, he suggested we redownload the software, saying that is the only possible fix. After doing this it still solved nothing and only made the issue worse. We then were able to get a customer representative on chat fairly quickly but they would not assist and said we had to call. We are now on hold again going on an additional hour for a total of 3 hours on hold. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  • Linda Blakely - Works with my Mac as an external drive

    I have a ton of pictures and other files that I wanted to transfer from my computer and so I ordered this Gloway Warrior Solid State Drive. I have a Mac and it works good with it. I am not a technical person myself, so my boyfriend hooked this up to be an external drive. It did not take him very long to format it and once he did, it was easy to transfer my files. It is very fast when I am using it and it has improved the speed of my computer, which is not full of other things now. I was also able to transfer pictures to this from a thumb drive that I had, since this has more storage space and now I can keep everything together.

  • mmdiet - but her mom was very happy with purchase

    Bought this for my granddaughters birthday.... She is still too little to understand ... but her mom was very happy with purchase.... But the book is beautifully illustrated!!!!

  • eric ingvardsen - It was because of the obvious that there was too much blind faith and trust that whoever applied the product would do it correcl

    We purchased a new 2010 Chrysler 300C back in March 2010. Dealer offered this paint "seal" and I declined. It was because of the obvious that there was too much blind faith and trust that whoever applied the product would do it correclty and thoroughly in great detail. The dealer pleasantly surprised me with two free bottles to apply myself. I never treated the car but did open the seal on one can and applied to a tiny spot to see if there was any amazing result. Didn't feel slick afterward. The car is pampered, always garaged. Sunday driver at best and paint still in like-new condition. So I pull this product out to apply it today. The opened bottle had been closed and I used a vacuum bag sealer to keep it "fresh" (it is a very strong smelling product about 10X stronger smelling than paint thinner). Stored in a closet in the house with no heat/freeze. The bottle cap had erupted, the bag contained it all, but it was alarming to see a clear liguid filled with clear pellet-like material. The label color was nearly bleached. While this review isn't exactly a real review of product use and paint finish results, the bleaching of the can, along with the weird clear pellets/liguid, leads me to truly believe this product would harm the paint instead of protect it. Worse, it would almost appear to be an unreliable clear coat layer that would then dry to the paint and be absolutely impossible to remove without damaging the very paint it won't release from. Chemical Guys offers "Jet Seal". This product is fantastic. Easy to apply, and very easy to remove (and will go on clear-bra paint film and ClearPlex windshield film too!). Had saved the Xzilon this whole time for a special use on the Chrysler but thankfully so many horrible experiences read here has stopped this. Very grateful!!!