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  • jazzjune - Good brand, but I would rate it higher if ...

    Good brand, but I would rate it higher if it came in a 250mg capsule. For my body chemistry, The 200mg dose is not as effective as the 250mg (such as the GNC brand). Attempting to section off capsules to increase the dosage is a messy, inaccurate business.

  • Reviewer - Far Superior Product

    This is the first time I used a glass screen protector since using film. With the film protectors though were difficult to install and usually there would be dust or fingerprints trapped under the film. If the install did go through correctly, then usually the film would become damaged within a month or two.

  • Catherine S. - I love this stuff

    I tried this product about a year and a half ago, but I had to stop using it because it left my hair looking very oily. After I switched to using the low-poo, I was able to move onto this product after about a month. The low-poo was actually too drying for my hair, and I prefer this formula a lot more. I have tried using conditioner to wash my hair, and this nourishes my hair a lot more. I notice a big difference in the texture of my hair when I use this. It's a great product for anyone with curly hair, who wants to stop using sulfate shampoo. I ordered the big bottle because I don't plan to ever go back to regular shampoo. I have tried hundreds of shampoos, and the no-poo works the best on my cherub curls. If you can get past the initial period of scalp shock, you won't regret using this product. I love my hair now, and its largely due to the fact that I stopped using sulfate shampoos.

  • Pamela Guzzino - Best heel cream I have ever tried - and I have tried MANY!!!! Healed my heels!!!

    I have had a problem with cracked heels for years. My heels have become so bad, that it is downright painful to walk. I do not have diabetes or anything unusual, I just hate socks and shoes, walk around barefoot a lot, and as soon as the weather breaks I am in flip-flops constantly. My feet are very dry and I have tried all kinds of creams and lotions to help me.

  • D Woz - Great so far once I fixed the low battery issue

    Make sure you connect the "C" wire when you hook up the device. Even if not currently used, you will need to connect the blue wire to the furnace as well as to the "C" port on the device. This allows for the unit to charge as needed. Otherwise the device will only be able to draw power to charge itself when the furnace/AC unit is running. So if you have periods of inactivity when the heat or AC isn't on, your battery may run low. And the first thing your unit will do is disconnect from the Internet if battery is running low.

  • Roxie - 8 Dogs and no Fleas-applied every 6 months

    I have 8 Dogs and despite vacumning constantly, washing bedding and applying Frontline Plus, we apply Fleabusters every 6 months to our entire house. We have Laminate and tile floors. After watching a certified Fleabusters technician apply Fleabusters the first time, I learned to use a feather duster along all base boards (fleas hide under the baseboard) and use a stiff brush after sprinkling the powder over all area rugs. We open all windows as it gets dusty until everything settles. We put the Dogs in the yard when applying. They have had no issues with the powder. If you wash a rug, reapply the powder for best results