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Full spectrum Digital Marketing Agency in Pretoria - We provide a complete digital marketing service. This includes social media management, web development, hosting, seo, hosting and mass email solutions

  • http://juanq.co.za/hospitality-social-media-marketing/ Hospitality Social Media Marketing - JQ Digital - We pride ourselves on making hospitality social media marketing personal. Each aspect of your campaign is designed to appeal to your customers
  • http://juanq.co.za/social-media-marketing/ Social Media Marketing - JQ Digital - Social media marketing is not a nice to have, but a must have. It can be found everywhere on the web due to the real time nature of this medium.
  • http://juanq.co.za/facebook-marketing/ Facebook Marketing - JQ Digital - Facebook Marketing is becoming one of the world’s most effective marketing tools, being at the forefront of many internet users’ interactions with the web.
  • http://juanq.co.za/twitter-marketing/ Twitter Marketing - JQ Digital - One of the world’s major social networks, Twitter has allowed companies to be directly accessible to internet users, who can have conversations with clients
  • http://juanq.co.za/instagram-marketing/ Instagram Marketing - JQ Digital - Instagram is becoming an indispensible part of an engaging marketing campaign. The network is an ideal tool for making your brand more visual and personal.
  • http://juanq.co.za/google-plus-marketing/ Google Plus Marketing - JQ Digital - Having a Google Plus account greatly enhances your company’s visibility on Google search results, which is a major benefit.
  • http://juanq.co.za/linkedin-marketing/ LinkedIn Marketing - JQ Digital - A well-made LinkedIn profile for your company offers users information about services and opportunities to interact with you about sales.
  • http://juanq.co.za/youtube-marketing/ YouTube Marketing - JQ Digital - Individuals and companies have used YouTube Marketing to bring their messages to a global audience, advertising there company or business.
  • http://juanq.co.za/digital_marketing/ Digital Marketing - JQ Digital - Digital marketing is about generating targeted leads, emails, phone calls, and comments online.
  • http://juanq.co.za/email-marketing/ Email Marketing - JQ Digital - Email Marketing is the single most effective way of putting your brand directly in front of the right audience, right away.
  • http://juanq.co.za/google-ads/ Google Ads - JQ Digital - Google Ads are not unaffordable – they are billed by metrics, be it impressions or by clicks, which are tangible leads to your business.
  • http://juanq.co.za/copy-writing/ Copy Writing - JQ Digital - JQ Digital offers full copy writing and editing solutions. Articles, web text, social media posts & any other writing requests can be done to specification.
  • http://juanq.co.za/search_engine_optimisation/ Search Engine Optimisation - JQ Digital - Our Search Engine Optimisation techniques and strategies span a wide range of factors that make searching for your business easier for potential clients.
  • http://juanq.co.za/hosting/ Hosting - JQ Digital - JQ Digital offers full hosting options to businesses, registering .co.za domains with the ZA Central Registry or .com ones with Verisign.
  • http://juanq.co.za/graphic-design/ Graphic Design - JQ Digital - Graphic design spans a wide range of factors that contribute to the successful construction of any website or social media page.
  • http://juanq.co.za/photography/ Photography - JQ Digital - We offer professional photography and image editing services. We include your images in any of the online platforms that are part of your marketing plan.
  • http://juanq.co.za/consulting/ Consulting - JQ Digital - Consulting is an integral part of ensuring that your digital marketing is exactly in line with your vision for your business.
  • http://juanq.co.za/event-social-media/ Event Social Media - JQ Digital - Our specialist event social media strategy provides for everything social and digital around your event.
  • http://juanq.co.za/fail-three-social-media-disasters/ #Fail: Three Social Media Disasters - JQ Digital - Many businesses miss out on great opportunities by having poor social media management or no social media management at all.
  • http://juanq.co.za/social-media-pay-get-better-results/ Social Media: Should You Pay to Get Better Results? - JQ Digital - A comprehensive marketing strategy: producing informative content, interacting with your potential customers, responding to comments & monitoring feedbacks.

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  • Jessica Davey - I love Ayda. She has this strength about her

    This was such a cute, heart felt read. It had steamy parts but deep down it had real issues and relateable characters.

  • Roland W. - More power than the Emjoi

    This little callus remover is powered by 4 batteries which gives it a little more power/speed compared to the Emjoi and mini

  • SParfitt13 - A supplement that didn't affect my diabetes

    I first tried Garcinia Cambogia a few months ago. Of course, I was skeptical given the number of weight loss supplements on the market. I was also concerned in taking it given the fact that I am diabetic and supplements for weight loss often give diabetics trouble. I took this supplement for a week, and then weighed myself. It was surprising to see a 5-pound loss in the first week! Maintaining the same regimen, a controlled diet, this supplement and a 1 mile walk everyday, the weight came off and I felt good! There were no feelings of hunger between meals and my appetite lessened.