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  • Walden - Great Shampoo

    I have thin hair type. I bought this product for the obvious reason that perhaps it could revive a little body into my locks. Since I have been using it for a few months now, I always notice how clean my hair feels. Not sure whether it feels any thicker, but am very pleased with a clean scent, a clean feel, and a noticable shine. Will buy again.

  • Desert Runner - "WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    My Grand daughter was sad when she saw the move and that Wilson floated away at sea. Day's later when she received this Wilson ball it big time made her day.

  • Amazon Customer - finally someone figured it out!

    An excellent book. Well written. Puts together all the pieces of the puzzle as to why more and more of our children are developing social and behavioural problems. This book transmutes a mother's love, a doctor's analytical mind, backed up with excellent research and described in layman's terms. Not only does it point out the problems and where they originate, but also gives hope to many parents by giving a practical plan and method of implementing better food choices. Brilliant.

  • Eddie Kingz - I'm a fan

    I am so glad that I bothered to do some research on mouth washes. Up until now, I had been using the "best" mouth rinses that you could buy at any store, like Listerine and Crest Pro Health. But none of the active ingredients in these mouth washes targeted on-going bad breath that doesn't go away by simply flossing, brushing and using a mouthwash everyday. Breath Rx has those ingredients, and I have noticed a different feel and taste in my mouth as soon as I started using it. I feel more confident about my breath now. Since I know that adults hesitate to tell someone that their breath is not so fresh, I use my 5-yr. old daughter as my breath examiner. She never lies and tells me if my breath smells funky. Now, when I breath on her and ask her how my breath is doing, she says "it smells fresh." What else could I ask for?

  • A. Anderson - Disappointed- Complete Failure

    They had the opportunity to make a workable program but they left their customers scratching heads. If you don't know someone that already uses it then you will be left for days just hunting and pecking until you can plot a course. But before you even get there you have to install drivers for the GSP that will not configure itself with the program. Be ready to reboot several times and doing driver repairs on your system USB ports and more reboots. All this to get ready to manually configure the GPS device in their own program! - REALLY DELORME - WTH?

  • Karen Bicknell - Add to the shelf

    All the sights, smells, and breath-taking views we've come to love reading from Bella in a brand new world but without vampires, shapeshifters, witches or wolves. There is Loss, turmoil, tension, and hope. Open the pages and see what awaited ahead in time.

  • Toph - Attractive shoe

    Shimano is a great company and this shoe shows off their stuff well. It is fairly light weight and the straps work well. The loss of the star comes from two things, first is the fact that my foot was to wide for the normal shoe but not wide enough for the E (wide) shoe. I kept the wide shoe as I would rather have a little play than suffocate my foots circulation. The second issue is that they dont breath as good as I hoped. Having a black shoe, in the sun your feet can get a little toasty and there are only a couple spots that offer ventilation and they are not that good. Other than these two issues I feel the shoe was worth the money and looks great with my bike.