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  • D. Hamilton - INTOXICATING!!!!!

    OMG!!! When I smelled this I fell in love with it, and it smells so wonderful on my boyfriend! I took a chance and ordered it because I liked the bottle and the canister it comes in, plus it's by Versace and I'm so glad I did!!! This is a great gift for any man, young or old !!! :~)

  • Edward G. Taylor - Very handy.

    Much better that using multiple power adapters with USB ports. Working great so for. In light of recent studies indicating the sleep reduction with blue light, I wish it had a red or green power light instead of blue, as I use this in the bedroom. However, it is not hard to turn it away from me so not worth docking a star over.

  • Corbin Lissabet - What a great product! Installed during my lunch break at work ...

    What a great product! Installed during my lunch break at work and had it up and running in 20 minutes. Would recommend this to anyone that owns a newer ford.

  • craftymatt - Feels like you're not wearing a helmet

    Very light, fantastic airflow. With my old helmet (cheap department store helmet) my hair would get pretty caked with sweat on a hot day, but with this one my head stays cool and dry.

  • Rachelle S. Crosby - Just what I needed!

    With so many "one year" products on the market, I had to make sure this was one that was good indefinitely! It acknowledges all the older versions so I can open any Publisher product sent to me! Easy to use (as always). I recommend it!