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  • http://kamagrajelly.e-monsite.com/blog/sorties/ouverture-du-site-de-prenom.html Ouverture du site de Durandana - Ceci est un exemple de billet. Le blog peut vous permettre de parler de votre actualité ou recueillir vos dernières créations, vos pensées, vos recettes de cuisine, vos derniers voyages... Supprimez ou modifier ce billet depuis votre manager (espace d'ad ...

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  • Jeremy R. Feit - This was the last great Floyd album

    I was in 5th grade when this came out and still listen to Floyd regularly, especially all their 70s masterpieces: Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall. These men were architecture majors and their albums are concept albums from beginning to end. This was the last great Floyd album. Final Cut sucks. No wonder they broke up after that. My all time favorite PF song is the Pompeii version of Echoes! If you're into travelling into other dimensions, check that out as well. The Wall was Roger Water's at his best, but he was in control freak mode. The more successful PF got, the more miserable, controlling and difficult Waters got. Sad. Check out all of Floyd, from the Syd Barret days, on. If you ever get popular don't let everyone give you acid over and over or your life may get permanently zonked. The only thing that bugs me about this double album is Bring The Boys Back Home comes in way too loud! I have the movie album of the Wall and it's got that great song about Water's daddy. This should've made this album. This album is way better than the movie album, though. The movie is missing Hey You, one of the best songs. My friend saw the movie first and I had to talk him into listening to this album, explaining it's way better and not the horrible singing by the lead actor ruining the Floyd's songs. Brilliant idea, Roger!

  • Grandma Tamme - This supplement has helped me a great deal with this since taking it the last couple ...

    Sometimes I find it very hard to concentrate on one thing and I am bouncing around between several instead of efficiently working on task until the end. This supplement has helped me a great deal with this since taking it the last couple of days. I have started and completed several tasks without interruption or stopping to start another before the first one is done. I feel more alert and my short term memory even seems a little better. Thank you for a good product that shows good results by doing what it says it will do. Thank you for the discount I received when I ordered.

  • Dustin Kolb - I give it a negative 4 star and gladly gave it to my worst neighbor

    If I find the sorry $&& #*+* that invented this plastic piece of *#+*. I'm going to bend that retard over and plug it into the jack $&& myself!!! Good thing Customer support didn't know English!!

  • Amazon Customer - Battery Dies Instantly

    These headphone stopped working after 1 month. I fully charge them, and they die in less than an hour. I received a replacement pair, and they are having the same issue. They work just long enough for your 30 return to expire so you can't get a refund.

  • Little Bobby C - I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to laugh

    This is the saddest attempt at both humor and relaunching a franchise I've ever seen. I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to think the reviews weren't as bad as everyone said, but in the end, it was a bad, bad movie.

  • Karin - Not the same brand I've used exactly...but seemed to work.

    Its not exactly the brand I've used in the past, but ingredients looked the same and it seemed to work,

  • nadia - this shampoo and sucks black color use on my hair shampoo that takes ...

    this shampoo and sucks black color use on my hair shampoo that takes away all the color does not recommend for anyone who uses color in her hair!!!