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Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center - Advancing access and quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine benefitting inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

  • http://kansasrmc.com/is-stem-cell-therapy-right-for-you/ Is Stem Cell Therapy Right For You? | Kansas RMC - Stem cell therapy is showing exciting results. At Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center, we are seeing this first hand with the people we are treating everyday.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/contact-page/ Contact Kansas RMC | Kansas RMC - Contact Kansas RMC today to learn how stem cell therapy may help you. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 – 5:00.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/pages/about-us/ Stem Cell Therapy | Kansas RMC - We offer Autologous Adipose (Fat) Derived Stem Cell Treatments. Stem cells are harvested from a person’s own fat safely, under local anesthesia.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/pages/about-us/management-team/ KRMC Management Team | Kansas RMC - The management team at Kansas RMC loves what they do and is here to help our patients through the stem cell therapy process. Contact us today with any questions
  • http://kansasrmc.com/pages/about-us/physicians/ Kansas RMC Medical Team | Kansas RMC - Meet the Kansas RMC physicians and medical team. We are honored to have a high calibur group of medical professionals that call KRMC home.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/pages/about-us/mission-statement/ KRMC Mission Statement | Kansas RMC - We are devoted to advancing access and quality care in the area of adult stem cell regenerative medicine in order to help people with a variety of conditions.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/history/ Stem Cell Therapy | Kansas RMC - The owners of KRMC both recieved stem cell therapy for chronic pain in their knees. The treatment was so successful, they decided to found their own company.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/about-phil/ About Phil Campodall'orto | Kansas RMC - In honor of Phil Campodall’orto and all veterans, KRMC is proud to fund a program that shows our respect and appreciation for these true American Heroes.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/recommendations/ Recommendations | Kansas RMC - View videos on what people are saying about Kansas Regenerative Medicine and stem cell therapy.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/recommendations/audio/ Audio | Kansas RMC - David Cross, Past President/Kansas Livestock Association “I can now do what I really love, move cattle on horseback all day long, without depending on daily
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/ Currently Studying Stem Cell Therapy Options | Kansas RMC - Click to learn more about related condition research involving stem cell therapy.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/pages/about-us/deployment-process/ Our Process | Kansas RMC - You will have a consultation with one of our physicians to review your medical history, who will determine if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/orthopedics/ Stem Cell Therapy Options for Shoulder, Neck & Back Pain | Kansas RMC - Stem cell treatment options for neck and back arthritis, spine disease, knee, hip, elbow, hand and shoulder issues.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/auto-immune-disease/ Stem Cell Therapy|Autoimmune Disease | Kansas RMC - We offer stem cell treatment options for autoimmune diseases including Lupus, Relapsing Polychondritis, Autoimmune Hepatitis, Crohn's Disease, Rheumatoid
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/back-neck-spine/ Back, Neck, and Spine Stem Cell Therapy | Kansas RMC - Cell Surgical Network has developed a Neck Arthritis and Spine disease protocol that attempts to exploit the anti-inflammatory and healing effects of SVF.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/neurology/ Stem Cell Therapy for Neurological Diseases | Kansas RMC - Stem cell treatment options for Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy, ALS, Parkinson's, Muscular Dystrophy and Stroke.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/urology/ Stem Cell Therapy for Urological Issues | Kansas RMC - Stem cell treatment options for Urological Issues, including Interstitial Cystitis, Peyronies Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and Male Incontinence.
  • http://kansasrmc.com/currently-studying/opthalmology/ Treating Vision Loss | Kansas RMC - In recent years stem cell science has increasingly focused on mitigating the loss of vision. Cell based therapies are showing tremendous promise in mitigating
  • http://kansasrmc.com/cardiacpulmonary/ Cardiac and Pulmonary Stem Cell Treatment Options | Kansas RMC - Stem cell treatment options for Cardiac and Pulmonary Issues including, Asthma, Post Myocardial Infarction, Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiomyopathy, Asthma
  • http://kansasrmc.com/stem-cell-therapy-fda-hearings-update/ Stem Cell Therapy FDA Hearings Update | Kansas RMC - Last month several members of our KRMC team (John Farley, Ken Woods, and Corey Orava) went to the FDA hearings in Bethesda Maryland at the National Institute of
  • http://kansasrmc.com/ken-woods-interview-part-1/ Ken Woods Interview (part 1) | Kansas RMC - Ken Woods, Kansas Regenerative Medicine's President, was interviewed on the radio recently discussing Kansas RMC and adult stem cell therapy. View the video
  • http://kansasrmc.com/stem-cell-therapy-now-available-from-our-friends-in-louisiana/ Stem Cell Therapy Now Available From Our Friends in Louisiana! | Kansas RMC - We are so happy and proud to announce that stem cell therapy is now available from our trusted friends and colleagues in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Louisiana

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  • Anjou - customer support lacking.....

    Nothing but problems since recent windows 10 update... product not working as it should -- waiting several days for customer support to help me-

  • Patricia A. Fashano - The best patio stone cleaner!

    This is an amazing product. I have light multi colored stone on my patio which is into it's third season. It was dark and had embedded mold spots. I cleaned it with a Scott product which was not very good with removing the mold. The installer of the patio wanted to power wash and then refill the sand which was costly. I went online and discover wet and forget and it is the best. You mix it in a garden sprayer, four to one. Just spray and the rain does the rest. All the mold spots are gone and I love my beautiful stone once again.

  • mama123 - Love love!!

    LOVE this stroller! My three year old loves it too! I'm excited about the ease of use, the huge sun canopy, and the sleek design. I'm not crazy about the tiny drink holder but there are two pockets in the stroller for kids and a big storage basket for water bottles so it's a small sacrifice. Would buy it again and recommend to a friend in a heartbeat!

  • pencil - When Nest Set to Heat, turns on A/C and Heat

    I have a standard heating/AC unit. Back in June 2012, I had my Heating & Cooling company install a Bryant 986TA42060V17A gas furnace, a Bryant 116BNA024000BAAA condenser w/ CNPNP2417ATA coil, a Aprilaire 600 M humidifier, and a Nest Thermostat T100577. All wiring from the breaker box to the units and to the thermostat were replaced. It worked great during the summer. Then when it came time to heat the house, that's when the problem started to occur. While on heat, my AC unit was on, to the point of the line having frost on it. My heating and cooling company came out 4 times, using two different Gen 1's and even a Gen 2, yet the same problem was occurring. Apparently, based on documentation found by my heating/cooling company, the common wire (usually blue) is used to keep the Nest battery charged. Many units apparently don't use a common wire, therefore, when that occurs, the Y1 (AC wire) is used to keep the battery charged. Due to that signal/charge, it is actually starting my AC while the thermostat is set to heat. I've read that for some, it triggers the AC fan only to run while on heat. Nest stated that the model numbers I've provided isn't on their list of approved ac/heating units, however, that really doesn't mean that the Nest won't work with models that aren't on their list. In my case, clearly their thermostats do not work with newer Bryant systems. Its a great thermostat, no doubt. I was so disappointed when I had to accept the fact that I will not be able to use a Nest.... The moral of the story, if you have issues with the Nest keeping the batter charged, or using the Y1 wire to charge the unit, and/or both ac and heating running at the same time, or the ac fan blowing while in heat mode, or whatever else might be the issue, return it before the 30 day period because if you can't get it to work first time around, you will never get it to work. And for those who buy them during the summer. Run your heater for awhile, then turn it off heat and turn it on AC, let it run awhile. Then turn it back to heat for while and see if the ac fan starts running. The last Nest installed, it took two days before it started turning on my AC. I think Nest needs to find another way to keep the battery charged or give it a replaceable battery. I think they would have better chance of their Nest working with more units if they used a hearing aid battery OR, having a way to turn the battery off charge mode and using a replaceable battery as an option if the use suffers these sorts of problems. My local Lowe's said they've had numerous returns on Nests, primarily battery related, either the AC fan turning on during heat or the Wifi repeatedly kept disconnecting from the until, while their PCs were having no problems connecting to Wifi. If the Nest keeps disconnecting from Wifi, its an indication that the battery is not holding a charge or receiving a charge. My friend has a new Carrier/Atlas Butler and her Nest works great with her system. Congrats to those who have Nests that work great... I wish I could say the same.... I ended up buy the Honeywell Prestige IAQ Comfort System w/ Wifi. It works like a champ. It handles humidity exceptionally well and I can control it from my iPhone. A professional must install it because it has monitors hooked to the various components to monitor failures, which then alerts your phone.