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  • Amazon Customer - very good

    Very good. I am a nursing student and my instructor recommended the Kaplan nclex. Seems to be very helpful. I have not taken boards yet. Fingers crossed.

  • Mystccwby - Excel 2010 for Dummies

    The Book for Dummies series is quite arguably one of the best selling books for how to and information and Excel 2010 is no exception.

  • OnceMore - Well reasoned critiques of a good variety of "big data" models

    In the data economy age that we live in, we are constantly getting "sized up" or measured in order to be automatically put into "buckets" that organizations and businesses can use to drive "efficient" decision making. Different "buckets" are associated with different levels of desirability. Those falling into the less desirable ones could be denied admission to a good school, a job interview, or a loan; face job termination; or be subjected to unwanted police attention or predatory advertising.

  • S. L. Pieper - The Dawn of the Sixth Sun

    I am building a library for myself and am collecting books for the library that I will have some day. This is one such book. I haven’t read it yet but I think it will be fascinating and am looking forward to reading it.

  • Angela - for my Appaloosa :)

    I actually bought this for my Appaloosa. He has a Beautiful long tail (which doesn't come about very often) Naturally it is course and hard to comb. I used this product once and was pleasantly surprised as how soft his tail felt and how easily the tangles combed out.