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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Flora E. Fritz - Shaklee

    I have been using Shaklee cleaners for over 40 years, I tried many differient products and end up coming right back to shaklee. You can't beat the product, and it is extremely economical.

  • MaryAnn Chabot-Fence - Very good writing and story

    Kept my interest with good characters. I did not even skip the violence because the description was so easy to follow. The magic was a nice addition. Of course a female lead is my favorite. It could have been longer for more development of several areas. The ending was too abrupt for me. I was not ready. I shall expect a sequel. I also thought many times Kork should have not died and been along on the journey.

  • Lisa L. - It doesn't work for me.

    I love their brand of face wash; only their face wash doesn't make me breakout. I also love their eye cream...but this moisture doesn't work for me...it irritated my face, so I have to put it aside.

  • C. Wilabay - Great prenatal vitamins

    Great prenatal vitamins! I take prenatal vitamins in replace of a multivitamin because it has so much good stuff for you! This is great and it doesn't taste bad and leave a bad aftertaste. There's nothing to burp up and it doesn't leave you with an upset stomach! Definitely recommend to anybody needing prenatal or just a multivitamin.