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  • D. Edward Tench - Holy and unholy prophecies can agree?

    Some people doubt and scoff at end-time theories of any kind but "...they know not what they do." Some eschatological theorists view Mecca as the seven-hilled Babylon of modernity and expect an Islamic Antichrist. Thomas Horn's argument - offered in Zenith (and his other books as well) - that "all roads lead to Rome" should give both camps pause. Many consider the Vatican to be leading the way when it comes to continuing the false mystery religion of yore. The reality of course, is that the entire world has been infected by the lies that first became institutionalized in the days of Nimrod. Time will tell which false system will introduce the pseudochristos to the world.

  • Emma - Ok product, too expensive

    The idea of this product is great. You take these sticks anywhere and "caffeinate" any drink without altering the flavour, because these are tasteless... think about caffeinating an orange juice. A stick offers 125mg of caffeine, which is nothing for someone like me, who drinks at least 250mg daily in preworkouts only, not counting the caffeine contained in zero calories soft drinks.

  • Diane N. - Disappointed

    Really disappointed with this product. I was going to order these off the rayban site but saw this was 76$ cheaper so went with these, well, I should have just ordered off the rayban site. I bought some RB5228 model glasses from my eye vision place and LOVE THEM, they are my favorite glasses I've ever gotten. Unfortunately I've broken both arms off my glasses and fixed one arm but the other is missing so I ordered these to just switch my lenses into. These are smaller than my original glasses which I have no clue how that possible unless these are an older version of my glasses. Really really disappointed and annoyed. Will never be ordering glasses off of amazon again, sticking to the rayban site.

  • Amazon Customer - Plastic housing leaks.

    Do not buy. After just 5 months cheap plastic housing developed pin hole leaks. The leaks are not at the sleeves/joints where it screws on but in the actual housing which is cheap plastic and not pvc material like the name brand. After reading all the negative comments about poor customer support and reluctance to replace defective product, I did not even attempt to submit warranty claim but instead am trying to patch with 3m marine adhesive.

  • Stanley - This is the best earpiece I have owned.

    I am on my second because I handled the other roughly and broke it. I did not hesitate to reorder because I use this all the time for podcasts, music and hands-free phone calls. This fits right into my ear and stays put without any additional support. Very reasonably priced. I am considering ordering spares to keep on hand in case this item for some ridiculous reason is discontinued. Highly recommended.