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the modernity ward - There is no such thing as a phantom poop smell, only a poop smell the source of which has not yet been discovered.

  • http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/2012/08/orientation.html the modernity ward: Orientation - Day 2 of orientation -- not even classes! -- and all I can do is SHRIEK INSIDE MY HEAD because seriously? Seriously? Sitting in a room for basically seven hours and trying to learn stuff EVEN if it is stuff...
  • http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/2012/08/as-we-go-up-we-go-down-version-20.html the modernity ward: As We Go Up, We Go Down (version 2.0) - I'm certain I used that title before, but, you know. Fuck off. (insert brilliant grin) I had four days of obvious hypomania -- jacked-up happy mood, pacing, racing thoughts, social-butterfly-ness. I think Monday's open mic brought it on: high excitement...
  • http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/2012/07/dont-eat-those-theyre-maggots.html the modernity ward: Don't Eat Those, They're Maggots - Well fuck me running, I was SURE I'd saved the last thing I was working on. That'll teach me to look up from the internet at my actual human friend who has entered my house demanding Fresca. (You guys are...
  • http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/2012/07/partly-cloudy.html the modernity ward: Partly Cloudy - I was reading salon.com this morning, which is a shameful habit I've had since 1996 and I had to do it in a university computer lab on a monitor the size of a milk crate, and I found this piece,...
  • http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_modernity_ward/2012/07/the-used-up-tits-are-a-metaphor.html the modernity ward: The Used-Up Tits Are A Metaphor - I don't want to give the impression that I am always down. Because sometimes I feel pretty great! I mean I'm like totally bipolar or whatever! HA HA HA (Okay but you have to admit it's kind of funny.) (Or...

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  • Ty-ty - Excellent despite negative reviews ive seen online.

    Excellent despite the negative reviews online. It helps me plan financially and organize receipts! Perfect for someone that collects receipts for tax time...

  • Olivia - not bad

    I thought this product did a good job but i havent had the chance to use it again so im looking forward to the chance i can use it again. Dont use it after you've done it the day before it burns your gums.

  • MrsKim - Wonderful

    Works wonders for my hair. It doesn't make it feel greasy or weighed down. I would highly recommend it. A must buy.

  • Bill tyler - Great if using for right purpose

    Great product IF you use for the right thing. Will ruin anything that us important for looks ie shoes shirts. Worked amazing on keeping rain and snow off satellite so picture doesn't depreciate.

  • Wanderer977 - Gives a good shave if properly used.

    I generally like Art of Shaving products, even though they tend to be over priced. If you are someone who is using your average drugstore shaving cream than you will think this cream is outrageously priced. There are definitely other creams which are priced lower and do just as good a job as this cream. Specifically, the three T's of the wetshaving world come to mind, those are TOBS (Taylor of Old Bond Street), Trumpers, and Truefitt and Hill. However, this is a cream that you can actually find in a lot of local malls because it is carried by stores like Nordstroms, Dillards, and Macys. With the other creams I mentioned you will most likely have to purchase them online.

  • coachman - Excellent product, bad strap

    I love my MOOV. The strap is the only drawback. I've lost my pod three times but fortunately I've found it each time. The strap itself is very comfortable but doesn't secure the device very good. The MOOV now 2 is not for the faint of heart. I primarily do the 7+ minute workout and the walking workout. They will both push you and put a hurting on you. You'll sweat and you will be sore. If the company can remedy the strap issue it would easily be a five star review from me.

  • Venus Envy - Thank GOD for Cory Bernardi

    I give this book five stars. I read it all last night (well, I had to ask a man to read it for me, but because I struggled with the big words, he just read me the dust cover and explained the rest) and I must say, I am so relieved that Mr Bernardi has spoken out about these issues. I was beginning to think that there were no wealthy white males left to tell us how we should live our lives and to provide us with a moral standard. I would like to applaud the hundreds of Liberal voters who were responsible for electing this man to the senate. Without you, we wouldn't have the voice of Cory Bernardi, shining like a guiding beacon straight from the golden 1950s era, lighting Australia's path to the future. As we struggle to navigate an Australian society that is rife with immorality (gays, divorce, blended families), women asking for control over issues that we know nothing about (reproduction, family life, wage disparity) and the instability caused by immigrants and queue-jumpers (let's keep Australia white, people!) Cory Bernardi is a bold voice in the madness caused by bleeding hearts and a culture of compassion. Thank you Cory. In time, I trust Australians will truly recognise you for who you are.