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Levamisole HCl (Ergamisol, Dicaris): buy online 50 mg tablets - Order cheap Dicaris, Ergamisol (Levamisole) from $0.49 per anthelmintic pill to treat parasitic worm infections and in the treatment of certain types of cancer.

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  • EECummings - Glad she passed

    Sent to sis. Her program taught from Kaplan style and she also practiced for 2 months working full time. Glad she passed!


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  • Louver - Basic and Fundamentals!

    I love it because i found the information that i have been looking for about Product ownership, Scrum and Sprint Review in this box set of Paul Vii. The details are in good quality, i can really tell depth of knowledge that the author showed in writing this book. There are some illustration as well that can make you easily understand the discussion. A very considerate move for those not so technical and beginners in this field such as me. Cool stuffs inside and you'd appreciate having this part of your collection.

  • Afmarko99 - Wife loves it.

    My wife uses this book to study for all of her LPN tests now. Great book and highly recommended to all nursing students.

  • Jen in San diego - it didn't do it for me

    I know I go against the general public on this one, but my cats have some powerful urine! I was just about ready to get rid of these cats! Since we have moved, they have showed me their dislike to the shag carpet in our living room. I searched the internet in hopes for a cure to the urine smell that permeates my ground floor. The urine was dry when I got to it....they especially like to show us how mad they when we go out of town. So, since it was harder to work at since it was dried into the carpet, we saturated the rug and covered it with a plasic tarp when we went out of town for 2 weeks. This also prevented new spots. :) When we got back, I'd say the smell was not as potent, but it was still there. It worked at it better than Nature's Miracle which I had also tried. My guess is it got rid of 50% of the smell, so I had planned on getting another gallon. Within minutes of taking off the tarp, yes, one of the cats marked his territory again to show me he is the boss! So, i had to go at it while it was still wet and couldn't wait to order Urine Off again! I remembered back to their spraying days and bought Anti-Icky poo. This did the trick then, so I rushed to Pet People and returned with my gallon of AIP and a smile on my face. You had to smile when the bottle says it gets rid of all different types of odors, including dead body odors. It's gotta work, right?

  • Amazon Customer - Meh supplement. Doesn't really give a "kick" when working ...

    Meh supplement. Doesn't really give a "kick" when working out. I don't feel any difference with before/after when I take it.