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  • Texas - Stops an sneezing allergy attack immediately

    I have gone through four of these bottles in the last three years. My family really like this product to immediately stop allergy attacks. It has high quality ingredients and they are just very effective. I will order again as needed.

  • Leslie - Once I got the hang of installing this beast it's quite easy to do

    This is one solid car seat. We just moved my 22 lb 10 month old out of his infant carrier and into this seat. It took me a while to figure out how to properly adjust the straps as it doesn't mention the toggle adjustment anywhere that I could find in the directions. Once I got the hang of installing this beast it's quite easy to do, though the seat belt lock downs are nearly impossible to undo (I guess that's the point) and I got a few bruised knuckles trying to unlock them to move the seat. I now make my husband deal with uninstalling and installing the seat while I supervise ;-) Very soon after we began using this seat we had a throw-up incident that, while gross, wasn't as bad to clean up as I thought it would be, though I would have loved to have just been able to remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine.

  • Gretchen Berger - A magazine like no other, ever!

    Best magazine ever written. Been reading it since Harold Ross, its founder, was the editor. In-depth articles you won't find anywhere else, great reviews, poetry and great fiction. And then there's the brilliantly hilarious cartoons and humor section that you will never find anywhere else. Plus how could we live without those amazing covers? My recent favorite was Eustace Tilly manspreading on the subway.

  • Anonymous - Not on my baby

    I used to love this product, but so disappointed in Burts Bees for using "fragrance (parfum)" in their products. If the company wants to be all natural and get my support, then do it 100% and be transparent about it. Until then I take my vote and money to something like Honest Company.

  • DENISE C. - Faster and helthy!

    It was a gift for my sun and His family, special my granddaughter.,she loves ice cream, But she is a little girl and they worried about helthy foods. This product is wonderful because you can make delicious ice cream, faster and without sugar.

  • R. Laroe - not as good as I had hoped

    I had multiple scratches on my new car from the plastic coated handbars ofmy kids bikes. I read in Consumer Reports that this was the best product out there for scratch removal and it did not help at all. Maybe my scratches were too deep. I didn't hurt anything but it sure did not help,either

  • S. Habashy MD - very limited capapabilities

    Pads/ electrodes only lasted less than 1/4 of stated use hours. Also very poor stickiness. Has only 3 use, with NO difference between the arms and leg mode- so practically speaking I had only 2 modes. Also use duration is only 15 minutes- I don't know why. Other units has many ours with no side effects or complications! Also replacement electrodes are sooo expensive