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  • stellarjay - Piece of junk-o-la!

    Low volume range. Okay for an indoor environment. Even with MAX volume outdoors, in the car with AC on, soft volume talker on the other side, forget it. Voice prompts such low volume impossible to hear except in a quiet room. Talk time 7.5 hours fully charged. It should be triple that considering the massive 60's lunch box it packs behind your ear. The charger is an absolute nightmare! It completely propietary and the week magnet barely holds it to the unit. It will completely frustrate you as it repeatedly disconnects at the slightest jostle. The ultra-ridiculous cord on the charger is about 10 inches long so it's impossible to plug it into a wall socket without building an elf sized table to rest it on. Curses upon plantronics for building a second rate idiotic puke of a bluetooth headset. I just can't say enough bad things about it!


    The book was in great condition. I would recommend that other students attending Ray's School of Cosmetology rent their books for 6 months at a time and after the first 6 months if they decide they want to keep the book purchase.

  • Hannah - Absolutely horrible service!

    I would not suggest buying from this company, if you want an airbrush makeup machine find it somewhere else. You'll get stuck paying extra fees that cannot be refunded, and even if you try calling customer service they will tell you it's out of their hands. By any means save yourself from the trouble and hassle it takes to get anything done with Luminess Air company.

  • robert larkin - probably the worse glue made

    probably the worse glue made . this is a waste of money its strength is maybe 5 pounds at best. I have used all types of glue and this is just plain junk. I have a glass and furniture repair business and also repairchina, pottery andceramics. this glue is useless on all of it. don't waste your time or money.

  • Dennis G. Morrill - Faithful, underappreciated Dilbert

    Another great Scott Adams. How do you work year after year in a cube, do quality work, and not be appreciated by the PHB - and still not leave for a better job? Maybe there aren't any better situations out there.

  • Aaron W - Instructions omit an important step!

    Shipping was great. The product arrived in a few days, and I took advantage of the special Black Friday pricing, so it was a good deal. However, like other reviewers here, I want to call attention to an important step in the installation process that is NOT mentioned in the written instructions. It would be very easy to fix this by including a small leaflet or addendum with the instructions.