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  • Penguin Shopper - I'm beautiful, amazing

    Same story as everyone else, "Let me give you one for your eyes, too" thinking it's another sample, I go in, with my husband, and our GIANT double stroller with two toddlers in it. The toddlers were just outdoing themselves in this store, but this guy just never came up for breath. Apparently, two year olds viciously fighting to death over a cheerio doesn't compel him to even speed up.

  • BeardPapa - A great versatile can cooler.

    I bought this product thinking that it only held 12 oz cans, but once I received it, I realized I was also able to use my taller 16 oz. cans as well (like energy drinks). I used this for my already cold energy drink and was able to sip from a cold can for over an hour. I then tested it by refrigerating the can cooler before using it and the cold staying power increased by about 30-45 minutes. This is definitely a quality product. The construction was solid and felt durable. The top screws on and off and was smooth and easy to remove without it accidentally being unscrewed while in use. The rubberized top also securely holds 12-16 oz cans with no slipping or obstruction of the mouth of the can. All in all a quality and useful product - especially on camping or outdoor trips.

  • uliemae - I thought my husband's bad breath was just something we would have to live ...

    I thought my husband's bad breath was just something we would have to live with. A few days of this product eliminated all signs of halitosis. When he has been without it a few weeks, we all start to notice. Thanks for making a great product.

  • TB1087 - Sunday Funday without the consequences!

    Wow, I woke up this morning feeling amazing. To be honest yesterday was football Sunday, I received this product and had already had a few cold ones. I decided to take it all the way and continued on my path down Sunday funday. As the night came to a close and the looming prospect of work the next morning drew closer and closer I began to be a little worried. Was I going to wake up intoxicated? Was my head going to be pounding from the previous day's drinking? I decided to give my sober a chance. Popped the recommended dosage and began to consume copious amounts of water (Something always do after drinking and before bed, typically with limited benefit) to my surprise when I woke this morning from my slumber I felt like a million bucks. The product really does work and it truly did do its job. I am definitely impressed and have already told friends about it. They now are looking to get some of their own. Great product, I would definetly check it out.!!

  • K. Morelli - An Appetite Suppressant That Actually Works!

    I had heard a great deal about Garcinia Cambogia - some good and some bad. I went with this one from Natural Nutrition Labs because it had at least 60% HCA and potassium. I was not looking for a miracle weight loss product, I know there is no such thing as a magic bullet unless it is a Blender. I simply wanted a supplement that would help curb my appetite and guess what - that is exactly what this supplement did! I have found that I have less desire to snack throughout the day which is a huge help in my quest to lose some weight. Of course, I am still trying to be more active and burn calories via exercise, but having something to take the edge off my appetite is great.

  • Jiuyun Wang - short shelf life: 3 month left

    The shelf expiration date is Nov 1st 2013 when the product got delivered on July 11th 2013. Does not worth a few bucks saving for short shelf life.