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  • Pharmacy Information - Lindsay Drug Company - Lindsay Drug Company is a third generation family run Pharmacy and Healthcare center since 1922.

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  • Amazon Customer - The perfect stocking stuffer or gift

    In one word this product is perfect! It is lightweight but very well made very clean look.... I ordered the white... The sash for the neck is very soft the very start... I have a Galaxy Note 5 with the accompany flipped a switch open up before I put it in. I put the phone in upside down so I had to look now I see it the right way. The buttons are easy to push even on the sides. I had tested the water proofing and it works perfectly. This is perfect on a daily basis walking around doing yard work going on trips especially I think will make my life much easier. The Peace of Mind knowing that your phone is not going to fall out of your pocket. Is well worth a $10 investment. Especially today when cell phones for over $1,000. Also with my Bluetooth devices I have found that the signal does not sometimes come through clear when I have it in my pocket or in my side back. Having it on my chest makes it perfect quality sound. I have found the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. I am going to stock up more today and I think you guys should do as well. More than a lifetime warranty it's a lifetime free of stress and anxiety I'm wondering of the what ifs about your phone.

  • Don Clifford - Family Tree Maker Deluxe 2012

    Earlier versions of Family Tree Maker were plain and simple...easy to navigate. Since took over, the FTM pages have become cluttered with "bells and whistles" and the navigation to the various sections is cumbersome. The three month freebie subscription to is very worth while. I found documentation and other facts that my family tree did not have and incorporating or merging the newly found data was relatively easy. Newcomers to family tree research will like this product whereas us "ol'timers" will probably consider this newest version of Family Tree Maker a mixed blessing. Don Clifford, author of Ben Solomon in Destiny Diverted.

  • Coondog - Average product.

    Installed this yesterday and it did reduce pump noise but not enough to rave about. I found that my real problem was the hard lines vibrating where they came through the floor.

  • Southwest Lady - Beautiful & Functional Aromatherapy Diffuser

    It looks like a mini volcano smoking! I was attracted to the very simple design of this unit. Since everything in life needs to be cleaned, I’ve learned the fewer cracks and crevices a device has makes my life easier. This diffuser is easy to maintain, so that is a big plus.