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  • Mike NYC - Surprised this mop is rated so highly!

    I am really surprised this mop is rated so highly. I guess it deserves one star for the handle not being so bad, and its rather easy to 'wring' the water out. HOWEVER, the microfiber mop head is just horrible. It doesn't really absorb water well, and it is too light weight to really give any floor a good mop. I definitely agree with others who said they feel like they are just spreading dirt around. Also, after just 3 or 4 used the mop head looks so worn out and raggedy that it needs to be replaced. The mop head is 1/2 the cost of the entire mop, if not more. At this point I've already replaced the mop head once, so I think I will be moving on to a new mop entirely rather than buy another mop head. DO NOT recommend!

  • Jean C. - Good all the way through--but boring, disappointing final chapter.

    I enjoyed this book very much up until the last chapter, but that's because I kept waiting for something to happen. It seemed like the groundwork was being laid for a twist, or shocking ending, but that was not the case. After all of the drama throughout the book, the ending just kind of, well--ended. Nothing really happened. There were no winners, no losers, just a boring ending that fizzled out, leaving me annoyed that I had been all psyched up all the way through the book for some really exciting ending. The rest of the book held my interest completely, although I didn't really like Evelyn all that much. In fact, that's one of the reasons that the ending was so disappointing. Of all the people in the story, it seems she came out in the best shape.

  • Miguel Rodriguez - by mistake I bought the 2014 autoCAD 2014 for DUMMIES ...

    by mistake I bought the 2014 autoCAD 2014 for DUMMIES and I have autoCAD 2015 , Might this book work for the 2015 AutoCad?

  • usatut - The answer to this nation's problems

    This book is the answer to what is ailing this nation and the world as well. What happened 2013 years ago to bring us to this time in History? We know that man has been on earth for thousands of years so what happened to start time over again? Jesus died on the cross for us. If He created us and died for us, shouldn't we live for Him? As in Noah

  • Alyson - Pricey

    Smells good and would probably work better if I could afford to use it daily. I use it once a week as a treatment.

  • brenda - aerator design defect

    I purchased this aerator thinking it was cool idea. After a few uses it stopped working. I checked the battery housing and found rust debris in one section. Tried cleaning it with no success.Sent it back to the company and they refused to fix it. They offered to sell me a new one for half the price. They blamed the malfunction on allowing water or moisture to enter the device. A friend had the exact experience with the same aerator. The company rep even admitted they get many returns for this defect.

  • Southernarcher - This increased my MPG to 21.5

    This CAI is well worth the $$, It does make the engine sound louder than the muffled factory intake pipe. You can feel the power of the engine even more.. I highly reccomend this product.