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  • Ronald Hill - twin USB charger

    This wall charger is a great item and a must have for all those who travel. It charges all electronics fast ans has two USB outlets so that you can charge both your iPhone and iPad. Truly an incredible device.

  • Franchesca DeLucenay - Best workout I've done yet!

    Best workout plan I've done. I lost over 50 pounds in 3 months doing this workout. Unfortunately I fractured my heel as well but I can't blame T25 for that, just worked out too hard! Great for getting the heart pumping and awesome that it is only 25 minutes a day. This got my body back after having kids. I even did PIYO and Jillian Michael's workouts and they don't hold a candle to this workout.

  • M. Batts - This book is life changing! We read it during ...

    This book is life changing! We read it during our church Lenten Season. Very POWERFUL and PROFOUND. Your life will not be the same....Thank you Bill Hybels!

  • Susie Darling - Disappointing to say the least...

    I had an old version of a Hallmark Card Studio that worked on my windows XP OS and I loved it. I was able to create ANYTHING with it. This HCS is worthless in comparison. Yes, there are many extra graphics and fonts at my fingertips, but it doesn't offer as many projects as it claims and adding text and setting dimensions is a real pain. I'm glad I didn't spend more than $13.00 on it, because it's worth far less and at least I didn't break my wallet as much as Hallmark has broken my confidence in their product.

  • T. R. Gacobelli - Meh..

    It was an "okay" program for what it was. I've switched to Manga Studio 5 (aka Clip Studio Paint) and it has many more features like auto-smoothing inking tools, great brushes, comic book drag-and-drop options, and pressure sensitivity for tablet pens. I became frustrated with Autodesk, it seemed limited to me. Never going back to that program.

  • Get it Girl - Gorilla Glue

    You know what this product is great for bonding things together but you better line everything up at once and use it because you can not save it for another time. I gave it three stars for the bonding strength but I hate the fact that when you open it you can not go back and use it because it harden and because useless. So to get your moneys worth, line up everything up that you can think of at one time and get to work......this is not a product that you can use some now and save the rest for later.

  • Ryan Bucshon - Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play ...

    Matchmaking takes forever to get a game. You play the same people over and over. I don't think anyone plays this on PC.