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  • Amazon Customer - Has a fine consistency that cleans and scrubs good leaving skin clean ...

    Works well. Has a fine consistency that cleans and scrubs good leaving skin clean and very moisturized. Also has a nice coconut scent.

  • Hobbes - Great Concept, Defective Design

    I love the Nest in so many ways. Unfortunately one fatal flaw keeps me from recommending this product. Here's the scenario....

  • L. A. - READ before purchasing !!!!! Important!

    Buyer beware!! This toy is made of cheap cheap plastic. I rarely write reviews, but I felt obligated. I purchased this "pitching soft toss device" from sports authority. With in 5 minutes of putting it together, it broke!! Crazy, right? This has got to be one of the cheapest made products I have ever purchased. I had to dial back the screw (as described in the instructions. But when I did, the bolt attached to the spring in the inside gave way and detached from the dial. If you have this product or plan on buying it (which I would not recommend) DO NOT OVER LOOSEN the back dial that controls the distance of the toss. I was able to get the bolt attached to the spring back on, but cracked the cheap plastic housing in the process. It's really made poorly. If I paid $10 or $20 for it, I may have considered keeping it, but I was so blown away of how quickly and easily it broke, I just had to return it. For the price of what this thing costs, you can get a much better machine or even pay a little more for a better made product. I was very disappointed.

  • Loraine - Just got it and love it already

    We got this stroller to replace our old umbrella stroller. We got an excellent sale price for it when we bought it (under $200), but normally it is priced over $300 (I think). It was very easy to assemble, It is also a very smooth ride, opens and closes very easily, and my son loves it! He loves to look at us through the window in the canopy. I wish that it had a cup holder inside for the child, or even better, a front bar console that can hold drinks/treats/toys and also serve to hold the child in so that you don't have to strap in a toddler. I also wish it had a cup holder/organizer on the handle for the pusher. I have ordered one, but I'm not sure if it will fit since the handle is not angled like many strollers. Anyway, I definitely recommend this stroller if you can get it for about $200. I would not buy it for more than $300.

  • Ham Rolo - Like no other paranormal documentary before!

    Like no other ghost or paranormal doc out there. The film makers are hillarious and engaging while staying serious to the subject matter. The experts involved really bring this one home. Amazing film!

  • Nicholas Notestine - This machine is great for the price

    This machine is great for the price. Been using it 7 months now, still produces great creama and no difference in performance. The only tiny small gripe I have is the coffee scoop. The scoop end is a bit wide, so you end up spilling a bit of coffee outside the filter every time... certainly not a deal breaker but a small annoyance. Otherwise this machine is pretty darn good.

  • jan f. - I can't say it removed everything but my roof looks much better after using this product

    This actually worked! I didn't know if it would or not but it did. I just sprayed it on then let it sit. After it rained a few times, I checked it and most of the dark spots were much less visible. I can't say it removed everything but my roof looks much better after using this product.