Love A Pit - - No dog of any breed has ever been found to possess a mechanism in their jaw which would allow them to “lock” their top and bottom jaw together.

Country:, North America, US

City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Chris C - Our draft was a great success

    This kit was great. The stickers were really up to date (Alfred Blue was included and it was only a couple days after the Foster injury in pre season). Thanks for helping our draft run so smoothly!

  • Jason Ellenburg - Performed exactly as advertised

    To preface this, I will state that it is not good to upset anyone in the military supply network. This is especially true for a supply NCO (non-commissioned officer) who can be both creative and vindictive to those who earn his ire.

  • Marisa Ann - Makes your hair so shiny and healthy

    This oil repair mask is AMAZING. I got to try this brand a long time ago at a makeup and hair show. The only thing that sucks is its so expensive. I mean it does make your hair shinier and healthier. I wish their was a better deal thats the only complaint I have.