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  • Amazon Customer - Long time DeLorme User

    Having used Delorme since 2005, I've used almost every iteration of this software. the SA2010 software is nice, and works surprisingly well with the LT-40. While it seems to struggle at times, even in clear skies, it does gain a 3D lock fairly reliably. I use these products as a Cable Installer, and am soon relocating to a new area, and I am confident this package will take me where I need to go. A lot of people think that the Tom Tom's and Garmins are great devices. And in their own right, they are. I have always felt i've given up features for size in any one of them. The ability to zoom out clearly and see my overall routing to multiple locations allows me to use my time much more efficiently. A+

  • user - Setup was fairly easy and figuring out all the overclocking settings took a ...

    Setup was fairly easy and figuring out all the overclocking settings took a few hours. I would give this 5 stars but I recently discovered a huge problem. I recently upgraded my internet from 60 mbps to 200 mbps. I ran speed tests to see what speed I was getting. The tests came back at 30-50mbps every single time. Eventually I ended up calling my isp and got a guy to come over to look at the router. Router was fine and everything worked max speed for him. So then he tried using a usb gigabit adapter on my pc and we got the 200 mbps. so problem #1 is my onboard Ethernet adapter tops out at 50mbps for some reason. I have all the latest drivers etc.. So I went out and bought my own usb Ethernet adapter and plugged it in. It worked for a few min then started disconnecting constantly, I tried everything I could think of to get it working with no luck. Then finally I decided I'd just try a different usb port and the thing started working perfectly. both ports I tried were usb 3, only difference is physical location. its been working in the new usb port for a few days now. so problem #2 is I have defective usb ports.



  • Helpful Reviews - GOING STRONG

    The new Nero 2015 has hit the shelves. The world's most successful CD/DVD burning suite has experienced yet another reincarnation, while trying to evolve into the ultimate digital experience suite.

  • J. Hollister - Great Fairy Tale Stories

    This is quite the collection. I mean, 100 stories is a lot of stories and each one of them has cute good-looking illustrations. All of the images look great on my PC and Kindle Fire. This book is sure to become a favorite among your little ones as many of the stories are absolute treasures. Sure, some of the stories have a lot fantasy involved in it like the story "How the Butterfly Got Its Colors," but that is to be expected of fairy tale stories. If your child likes fairy tales then I would definitely recommend this book.

  • Dawn Brook - doesn't toss the ball but about 3 ft at the ...

    It doesn't toss the ball but about 3 ft at the most, even with adjustment. I know it is a soft toss but it has to be put on top of something so it will pitch high enough.

  • Paul - Haan customer service is THE WORST! !!

    This review is in general about Haan customer service. A Haan steamer I had quit working ayer just 3 uses. After following their instructions on how to clear and clean out the unit ( only 3 uses ... This should not happen) they finally agreed to let me return it. It was well within the warranty period. I did return it and had to constantly e mail nag to get any responses. Then they informed me that they no longer make the canister style I had so they would send what they considered a comparable steamer. I chose the canister model because it fit my storage needs and cleaning capacity. It had taken over 15 emails and they just keep saying they will send me a tracking number and they haven't. Don't bother with Haan unless you really enjoy the the pain of e nagging!!! Going back to Sharp steamers! !!