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  • Amanda - Will continue to buy

    My 16 year old actually commented on this vitamin (and I've given her plenty over the years), that she felt energized going to school in the morning and thought her skin was also improving. Now, I hadn't mentioned to her that these were supposed to help with her skin so I figure that was an unbiased comment and I was so pleased. They are large and she is able to take them with no issues, but her friend who is now taking them as well, puts them in a spoonful of applesauce and that does the trick for her.

  • Lyra - Not just for fearful dogs

    Thundershirt is a soft garment with velcro strips that can be adjusted to fit your dog. It's usually marketed as an aid for dogs with fear and anxiety problems, such as dogs with noise anxiety, hence the name, but it is outstanding for hyperactive dogs. I own a pug who has so much energy that he's constantly barking, jumping around, running in circles, eating anything he can find on the floor, playing too rough with my other dogs, and generally being a nuisance. I've been patient with him. I've taken him to obedience training. I walk him all the time. Regardless, he still acts like Possessed Pug. The only time he would calm down was when I would sit and hold him firmly, like swaddling an infant.

  • Cubbins - It's for the Children.

    Yes, these Lego Advent Calendars are expensive for what is in the box and every year there seems to be fewer pieces. However, my children love Legos, and love getting a small Lego gift every day in December. You are not only paying for the little plastic Lego pieces, but you are buying those smiles each morning in December as you children open that day's door and quickly snaps together the kit before leaving for school. -We will continue to buy these kits, even as the price goes up and the number of pieces keeps dropping.

  • Scott Southwick - Perfect Fit

    These mudguards were exactly as described. They fit perfectly and were easy to install. The Seller confirmed that even though they are described for the 2013 RAV that they also fit the 2014 RAV.