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  • Tsen - Surprisingly powerful transmitter and great audio quality

    Surprisingly powerful transmitter and great audio quality. Didn't want to shell out a few hundred dollars for the wiring harnesses, adapters and a new stereo for our Trailblazer. This worked great, used it for a road trip this week so we could listen to audio books and music and everything worked flawlessly.

  • Sandrah B. - It Stuck and Didn't Stink

    I glued down a whole section of Formica counter top in an old bathroom. I did no special preparation. I just squirted in the glue and clamped it together for 4 hours. Instructions say 2 hours, but I wanted to be sure it stayed stuck. It's now six days later and I see no sign of separation. Another real plus for this product is that it had no smell, at least none that I noticed.

  • n0ne - DON'T BUY!!!!

    This system at first seemed to fit my needs perfectly. The crossbars a first glance appear to be constructed well and feel sturdy. So when I started the installation with the back bar, I thought this is great! Simple to install and the bar seemed to fit perfectly and sealed well once the screws were sunk it. Then I tried installing the front cross bar. Boom! My happiness went down the drain. The mounting fixtures with the screw holes are set to close together. There is no way for the screw holes in the bar to align with the screw holes on my CR-V.

  • Nicole - Thank God for Science.

    Oh poop spray, where have you been all my life? I remember stumbling across this product in a spa bathroom and thinking it was for sh*ts and gigs (pun intended?)

  • John F Whelan - So far everything is just fine.

    This program is for my wife.Her previous card program does not work on our new computer.She is very creative,make cards and other things during the holiday and birthdays.So far everything is just fine.

  • Lula McBride - Easy to get around the city with this stroller

    I searched and searched for a lighter weight stroller for us to use when traveling by car and on the subway. I also needed a stroller with brakes placed in such a way the stroller can be bumped up and down a few steps with the baby in it so we can leave our NYC house without having to first take the stroller outside then the toddler. Most strollers have huge brakes that catch on stairs. The Combi Flare brakes will catch on stairs with a large lip on them like unfortunately the subway stairs, but otherwise work great on our own front stairs which has already made my days 10 times easier. I can fold it small and carry it easily for the subway so I've dealt with that okay. It also surprisingly does just fine on very bumpy, historic bluestone sidewalks and pushing over the grass in the park, all of which I worried about when buying a lightweight umbrella stroller. It is narrow in width but that's a matter of perspective and priority; I am thrilled with its narrow width because it's much more maneuverable through doors and store aisles or into restaurants. And of course doesn't take up so much room in the foyer. My son is 18 months old, average percentile in weight like around 60th percentile, and tall, 99th percentile in length and he fits this stroller great. He's not snug in the seat, there's a bit of room still on the sides. He's very comfortable. He'd let me know if he wasn't. My husband and I are both tall and the height of the handlebars is higher than Maclarens or most strollers so we're very comfortable pushing it. This stroller is also less tippy than the Maclaren. I can hang a fair amount of weight on the handles and it won't tip backwards even when the our son isn't sitting in it. The basket is small and just a nylon fabric but I find I can still fit a carton of milk and a few groceries in it. The sun canopy is typically tiny and there is no window in it. It wouldn't keep me from recommending this stroller but if Combi made the wheels bigger so it could take the subway stairs better and if the visor were bigger and with a window it would be the perfect city stroller.

  • Amazon Customer - White's products are QUALITY!

    My husband loves this metal detector that I bought him for Christmas, along with his White's headphones and pen-pointer. All three items are a huge hit! Fast delivery, great quality, and a great price.