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  • Medical-Legal Partnership News - The latest medical-legal partnership news from the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership and MLPs across the United States.
  • Annual Medical-Legal Partnership Summit - The Summit hosts leaders from the public & private sectors for a national conversation about how to integrate health & legal services to better address SDOH
  • Medical-Legal Partnership Events - Information on medical-legal partnership events, including webinars, conferences and sessions at national meetings.
  • Medical-Legal Partnership FAQ - Answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about medical-legal partnership -- from their impact on health to how to start one in your community.
  • Contact the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership - Contact us for more information about starting a medical-legal partnership, the MLP field, and our annual Summit, learning networks, fellowships & research.
  • Need for Medical-Legal Partnership - Legal problems are health problems. Millions of people need help addressing health-harming social conditions to be healthy. Enter medical-legal partnership.
  • The Medical-Legal Partnership Response - The Response: Medical-legal partnership embeds lawyers alongside health care teams to detect, address and prevent health-harming social conditions.
  • Medical-Legal Partnerships Across the U.S. - Hundreds of the nation’s leading health care and legal institutions have developed medical-legal partnerships. Find one in your community.
  • About the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership - More on the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership's research, fellowships, learning networks and events that advance and grow the MLP field.
  • Medical-Legal Partnership Resources - Resources, research and upcoming events that provide an overview of the medical-legal partnership approach & tools for starting & sustaining a partnership.
  • Medical-Legal Partnership Toolkit - Download the Medical-Legal Partnership Toolkit to help start an MLP and as background on the MLP approach to care.
  • 2017 Medical-Legal Partnership Summit RFP - Submit a workshop proposal or research abstract for the 2017 Medical-Legal Partnership Summit headlined by keynote speaker Dr. Jeff Brenner.
  • Report: Applying the MLP Approach to Population Health - Report examines how medical-legal partnerships can be part of population health management strategies as healthcare orgs adapt to new reimbursement models.
  • 58 health centers and PCAs selected for The SDOH Academy - Thirty-nine HRSA-funded health centers and 19 primary care associations (PCAs) were selected for the pilot year of The SDOH Academy.
  • 2015 Medical-Legal Partnership Survey report now available - Report details survey findings about common characteristics of medical-legal partnerships, screening practices, funding, data sharing & impact on wellbeing.
  • PBS NewsHour: "Why Doctors are Prescribing Legal Aid for Patients in Need" - On PBS NewsHour: A Nebraska medical-legal partnership helps a young leukemia patient who got a lifesaving bone marrow transplant, but couldn't return home.
  • "Bringing Law and Medicine Together to Help Rural Patients" - A piece on the Rural Health Information Hub explores the benefits of integrating lawyers into health care teams in rural settings to address SDOH.
  • AmeriCorps invests in MLPs for tribal communities in six states - An $800,000 grant supports the addition of attorneys at 12 clinics to help tribal healthcare facilities better target social determinants of health.
  • $2 million grant from RWJF to study impact of legal assistance on health - National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership research could help healthcare organizations better address social factors affecting health and healthcare use
  • Report: "Building resources to support MLPs at health centers" - Lessons learned from 6 health centers demonstrate the opportunity to leverage a range of funding opportunities for fostering medical-legal partnerships.
  • New guide to collecting health data in LegalServer released - A new guide from the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership helps legal aid agencies collect health and health care data in the LegalServer CMS.
  • Washington Post op-ed: MLPs help veterans get stably housed - Op-ed in The Washington Post shares the stories of veterans who have been stably housed because their needs were met through medical-legal partnerships..
  • MLP legal needs screening tool available for download - The Advisory Board Company developed a common screening tool that can be used by medical-legal partnerships to detect legal needs in clinical settings.

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