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  • Kara - Easy to set up

    Easy to set up... From HDTV Digital/optical audio out connected to Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth Reciever audio in.. TX mode..and also i plugged the USB cable of the Miccus to the HDMI port of the tv for continous power.. i did charge for couple of hrs..before i set it up.. then I turned it on and place my Bose wireless speaker next to each other ,, it paired after a minute or two,, then i turned the tv's volume very low coz i can hear the tv's audio although there's an audio coming out in the speaker already. Im glad i made the right purchased.

  • J. Franklin H. - Incomplete reviews

    WARNING! Don't be fooled by the reviews raving about this shirts powers to attract women... they are only telling half the truth. I was obviously excited when I saw this shirt. The ability to attract women has constantly eluded me despite my perfectly groomed mustache and slender physique. My first night on the town with my sexy, chest hugging 3 wolf shirt was a huge success. Women were flocking to me like a Blue Collar Comedy Tour. I couldn't believe how many sexy ladies wanted my body, and most of them had teeth. But then things went terribly wrong. I had picked up this really nice lady I found walking on the street. Somehow she knew that I was looking for a good time and said I could make HER howl at the moon. We parked at the local make-out graveyard to tongue wrestle when it happened. Just when I had gotten down to my tighty whites something started banging on the car. IT WAS DEAD WOMEN!!! They wanted to get with me and my 3 Wolf T-Shirt! No one warned me that EVERY woman is attracted to the shirt. This shirt brings dead women to life! The stench of these women was horrible. It was all I could do to keep from gagging during our group make-out. And dead people are extremely violent. I still have bite marks in unfortunate places. Do not buy this shirt if you are going to be around dead women. Consider yourself warned.

  • kellisue123 - overpriced and didnt work

    save your money for a wig. this may be all natural but it doesnt work. i tried the shampoo and the oil treatment. hair still fell out, i tired it for six months but it didnt help me. myabe it will help someone else.but for what i cost no thank you.

  • Sevda - mini projector

    This projector works great! Used for outdoor movie night with laptop and hdmi cable. Moved back so screen would be really big and picture was still focused and even clear enough to read words. If you're using outside, I would suggest speakers but sound is pretty good.

  • granddaddy - this is fun

    Where else can I hunt something without having to clean it? It is a really fun game and have already gotten a bunch of my hunting buddies to play as well!

  • Dr. B from Pittsburgh - I thought this was a custom-fit piece, but I ...

    I thought this was a custom-fit piece, but I was misled. Before I installed it, I had to cut a slot for my accelerator, and the rear mats didn't fit at all. I could have bought cheap mats at any auto parts store with the same result.

  • Amazon Customer - Couldn't Install

    I purchased and downloaded this for an online class, and it wouldn't install on both my computers (tried one, it failed so I tried installing on 2nd computer, and it failed again). I contacted customer service just now and I hope they'll refund me my money, if not I'll be furious that I wasted $108 on this software that doesn't even work.