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  • Steve Cavender - Great value! We buy several of these every year for our family and friends.

    Great value! We buy several of these every year for our family and friends. We, and they have a wonderful collection of Swarovski crystal ornaments.

  • TGEH - My son and i aren't fans

    To be fair we only read only but a few of the stories. Just found them weird. Wish i didn't buy this one.

  • PatrickHill - Performance monster, useful app and 8 ports!!

    Upgrade from RT-N66U and upgrade the firmware manually to and reset it. Everything becomes very smooth.

  • Laurel Gould - Not disappointed with my purchase

    This is a recent purchase and I bought it because of the time factor. I am not disappointed. Before I bought it some persons (who had not tried it) felt that 25 minutes was too short to be effective. Others judged the program by their experience with the Insanity workout and said that it would be too hard. After I bought the program I looked at the DVDs before starting and decided that the exercises were doable. I would classify myself as not fit, over weight and sedentary. So I followed the modifier and found that the intensity of the 25 min workout left me dripping but I completed the workout. In time I can see myself improving to a point where I can follow ShaunT and not the modifier. ShaunT has put in the right balance between intensity and effectiveness in that seemingly short 25 mins.

  • Hillary Dina - Why can't they just avoid me?

    This book is crap. It was written by some lazy sea captain who wants the entire world to watch out for him and his big ego and all of his importance instead of him watching out for us. I'm tired of it! I'm tired of having to always look over my shoulder for huge ships so they don't hit me. Why can't sea captains take responsibility and watch where they're going? Since when do we live in a sea-captain-centric world? I thought the world revolved around the sun?

  • collegegal11 - Nioxin follicle booster

    My temples were starting to thin and I could not pull my hair back because I was so embarrassed. I bought this product after trying pure castor oil and I am so pleased with this products. In a little over a week I am seeing my hair getting thicker. This product will definitely be a staple. It only makes the hair thicker, if the follicle is dead this product will be useless. I am so ecstatic, thanks nixon.

  • Lee K - Hollywood 48 Hour- Works great.

    I started using this product, "Juice" (as we called it) over 10 years ago. This is the first time I ever posted a review. People always ask me about it (including the clerks that sold it). I lost over 40 lbs with the Juice. I'd never looked or felt better. I couldn't believe when my mom brought me a size 4 skirt. But to my surprise it fit. I'm 5'8 and wasn't even a 4 in Jr. High. My assistant (5'4) lost a quick 25 lbs on it, and her mother (in her 60's) lost 20 lbs in 2 or 3 weeks.