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  • MJ Diehm - A bit pricey but it works

    My husband and I both use this product, as well as the conditioner.....our hair seemed to be thinning and and I had no idea if this was going to work...but it does...just be takes a while to "feel" the results...although it states to use only a few times a week, we have used it daily....and our hair always feel cleaner, no build-up, and we really like the product...

  • Michael B. - Would have starved to death if not for this book

    Several essential parts of my furnace and my small portable stove had been stolen by my erstwhile wife, Lulu, and her accursed teenage consort (damn you both!) along with all of our blankets and my collection of antique cat food lids. With no funds to purchase a replacement, and being unable to produce anything edible from that most complicated and infernal of modern inventions (the microwave), I often resorted to eating bits of roadkill in the corner of my shed while trying to warm myself in a cocoon of shredded newspapers.

  • Erin - Works -- but you need to do your part, too!

    This pill isn't meant to take over diet, it's meant to supplement it. If you're not losing weight fast enough and you think you're doing everything right, it's worth it to give SlimQuick a try. It got me through my plateau with surprising results. I've lost 5 pounds this past week alone, and I'm within 5 pounds of my goal weight -- pretty impressive for being in the last stretch. I'm not saying it will work for everyone, but if you are a woman who regularly struggles with water retention and hormonal issues (that's me!), this stuff should not only help you lose pounds/water weight, but should give you more energy and improve your mood, as well. I feel a lot happier and more positive while on it. I'm due to have my cycle any day now, and normally I'll gain 4-6 pounds in this time frame -- not on SlimQuick! :)

  • Patrick Lertdilok -

    Supercar acceleration, SUV storage capacity, more efficient than a Prius and gets better with time via over the air software updates. The instant, silent torque is addicting and after 1 year of ownership, still never gets old. It is simply the best car on the road. I am happy to support production of the more affordable Model 3, which will truly be a game changer!

  • Louis R Mango - They were a great team and i knew all the players in the ...

    Glued to the radio in 1954 as i was listening to the Cleveland Indians games on teletype hoping they would lose.

  • trugrl - Worthless; Don't Buy It!

    DON'T BUY IT! IT DOESN'T WORK. This product is a waste of money. I saw a mouse in my studio apt within the week that I spread the 12 bags that I bought for $50. I'm pretty frustrated. This product smells good, but is totally worthless.

  • Jessica (Peace Love Books) - Another Great One from RS Grey!

    I fell in love with RS Grey's writing when I read Scoring Wilder, but unfortunately haven't loved anything by her as much as that book since then. RS Grey has released some pretty great books, but I think that Liam Wilder has ruined me for all other men. That doesn't mean, though, that I haven't enjoyed all of her other books and the romances she's created. When I got this book, I couldn't wait to read Georgie's story and watch her fall in love in Italy.