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  • alicia - Must try it once

    This stuff really makes a difference. This will kick start your weight loss. Women tend to retain more water and this stuff helps you loose that extra water weight and accumulates. I have seen a big difference since I added this stuff to my workout routines.

  • Jonathan - Less than $20 and even better than I expected

    PRO: What a great product! And it was less than $20 including shipping with PRIME. Charged my Moto X2 and it still had 90% of charge left. It's heavier than I expected, but with the huge capacity it's worth carrying.

  • korina - I would HIGHLY recommend the pens

    I bought these from the website at a discounted price. I also ordered 2 of the whitening pens. I would HIGHLY recommend the pens. I found them a lot easier to use. I just brush it on...pop on the LED light and go.... My teeth are white after 3 days!

  • Margareth - Craving in a positive way.

    At first I have a lot of doubts in this book but when I start reading and understanding what’s inside with it, I said to myself good job for having this book. After reading the summary I’ve been thinking in purchasing the actual Power of habit. It’s just that I’ve been craving for more after reading this up. As for this book, I’m blown away- it’s a summary book yet it gives me this satisfying effect that I’m looking forward for a book. And I will never get tired telling that I’m happy that I have this book in my hands.