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  • wsmith - Can't trust Quicken! It's crap software.

    First, let me clarify that I'm a software developer with 20+ years of experience. I've also been meticulously managing every penny of my money for decades. Back in the 90's I used Quicken. When the software became riddled with simple bugs that were painfully obvious and never fixed, I became a beta tester for Quicken. I found countless issues, but they were never fixed. Finally, I switched to Microsoft Money. I LOVED Microsoft Money.

  • henry - i don't normally write reviews but,,,,,,,,

    i don't normally write reviews but, i was losing 3 inches of water in my pool a day, yes a day. i was not able to find the leak using dyes. 3 inches a day is a lot of water and all that went thru my mind was a backhoe, busting concrete and redoing concrete$$$ so for about 30 bucks, what the hell, right? i used one bottle 32oz and followed the directions exactly. in two days i could tell i was losing less water. i was running water in the pool at a consistent rate of 90 minutes a day. after the first bottle it was less than 60 minutes a day. i was impressed and on the morning of day 4 i used another bottle 32oz. 2 days later, i am adding ZERO water, none, nada! i turned the pool off and let it cure as per the instructions. 5 days later i am still not having to add water. like i said i do not know where the leak was but try this product before you spend a lot of money. it rates a 6 ! oh by the way my water bill was $90 vs $30 so i really got it free, ha

  • Christoph - works well

    Purchased this to sharpen both regular and rip chains. The sharpener works well, and the portability is nice. In addition it can do the compound angles needed for rip chains a major plus. However, the unit gets hot so you will also want to ware gloves while operating.

  • Customer - A few Issues

    I use this vacuum at work. The owner of our business is reluctant to pay for a more expensive vacuum so this is the second brand of vacuum she has purchased in the 13 months I've worked there. Here are the issues I personally have with this unit.

  • TheBoom - Travel, don't travel

    Unique combination of travel and didn't travel pieces. If you want to learn about where to eat and where to stay when you travel, this isn't for you. If you want to learn about how travel can give you insights into life and other cultures, then this is worth buying. Elizabeth Gilbert did a good job selecting them, enough so that I even braved reading Eat, Pray, Love after this one.