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  • MMagoo - So-so

    It certainly loses quite a bit of appeal without pictures, but the articles are short and interesting just the same.

  • Alfred H Ervin Jr - I know my blood pressure all the time.

    The monitor is a strong part of self monitoring my health. In the iPad and iPhone TactioHealth uses the blood pressure monitor to give me a spot check on my health. The docking system can charge your mobile devices.

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  • C. Ady - Twice the amount..same price.

    Compare the two containers. Same brand and double the amount for the same price. If you have the space to store the bigger container and use this fairly often then this seems like a no brainer to get twice the amount for basically the same price.

  • Buck39 - Excellent

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  • Kay D Homan - Money well spent

    I have had this for about 10 months, It works. I am almost 66 years old. Decreases the size of pores, which was my biggest concern. It also decreases the fine lines and helps with the loose skin on my neck, which I love. I hate chicken neck. I love this and would recommend it, as long as you use it, it works! I use it for about 30 minutes at least three times a week, and enjoy using prior to bed as the heat is very soothing!