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  • Amazon Customer - Too small for tall guys

    Definitely too small for my 6'5" husband. The answered questions convinced me they should work, but it's just not realistic, he even looked silly in it. Just tried to return them as they've been sitting around in the box and discovered yesterday was the last day to return, ugh.

  • William D. Bygrave - Stopped fungal growth

    One finger nail developed a small fungus that was apparent for a few weeks before I started to treat it with Kerasal. I've been treating it for about 2 weeks and can see an improvement; the growth of the fungus seems to have stopped

  • R. Stover - It Can Help with Your New Year's Resolution

    In spite of the big promotion the book was not available at my bookstore and I had to drive 20 minutes to another shop to get it.

  • AshRed - worthless peice of crap

    i guess it was all used up before it got to me. i saw this product in a mall and i liked it really and wanted to give it a try and i was ripped off. It had like 10% filled may be less and i was so mad when i came to know it was like that. i was out for a vacation and only got my hands on it after may be 35 days or so and i didnt want to return it but i am not at all happy with the purchase. I personally liked the product but the amount of it left in the bottle when it reached was surprising. i cannot say do not buy from this seller cause i could be the only one getting a rotten apple from the bunch but hey who knows ?? you might be ripped off too buy at your own risk.

  • Bonnie Jean tucker - This is the best Internet Security suite I've ever used

    This is the best Internet Security suite I've ever used. I've tried about a dozen different others, top rated ones. Webroot has them all beat by a mile! I'll never use Norton, Viper,McAfee, or any thing else again. These others cost a whole lot more and work a whole lot worse! This one is a keeper for sure! I've got it on all three of my desktops and one laptop. The price and quality is unbeatable. GREAT PRODUCT! LOVE IT!

  • D. in AZ - I am always sure I get my fruits and veggies

    I am normally a meat eater, but even though I try to get in my fruits and veggies, taking these makes sure I get all the vitamins and nutrients I might miss out otherwise.

  • Amazon Customer - Buy THIS for your iPad Pro!

    This case is amazing. Slim yet substantial. It is everything I wanted. The pencil holder is great and I don't worry about it falling out. The wake/sleep cover works amazing!