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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • ChrissyJ - Caused horrible breakouts.

    Worked as an appetite suppressant, but made my face break out with deep acne (the kind that hurts under your skin, and you can't get rid of!). Had to quit taking after a week.

  • atyose - This review is not in support of Hillary Clinton as a presidential nominee, but an evaluation of the book itself

    Please note that I have read this book in its entirety. This review is not in support of Hillary Clinton as a presidential nominee, but an evaluation of the book itself. I purchased this book as I wanted to understand the Hillary Clinton email scandal in more detail as well as any other revelations. I knew that Hillary was using her own personal email server at her home in Chappaqua, New York, but I did not really know all of the implications of what this meant. This book focuses on the email scandal, other past scandals as well as implications of political favors while she was Secretary of State.

  • William L Robinson - J. K. Lasser's Your Income tax 2013

    Each year I have used this book for more than 50 years. It answers all my questions about items like IRAs, special deductions, investments and much more. I would recommend this book if you are doing your own taxes.

  • Amazon Customer - I only gave the product 4 starts because it was only of the most disgusting drinks I've ever had

    This stuff works really well. It will most definitely clean your system out. I only gave the product 4 starts because it was only of the most disgusting drinks I've ever had.

  • Heidi Stein - Italian enforcer & his Irish princess

    B.B. has written another great mafia book. Her books keep getting better. This book starts with a bang & keeps going. Jodie is from a big Irish family & didn't know that her father was a mob boss until she started college. She is visiting from college for the weekend & is stunned with how quiet the house is. When she goes downstairs she notices her whole family has been killed. She hears her mother in the kitchen being asked a question & when she doesn't answer they go to kill her & Jodie tells them to stop. To save Jodie, her mother gives the information they wanted then, they kill her & kidnap Jodie.

  • sagar - Exactly what I was looking for..

    I purchased the Blue color Tozo cover for IPhone 7 and was delivered by amazon on time. The case is made to perfection and fits my phone snugly. Looks great on my matte black iPhone 7 and I am just hoping that it holds up well. The case is very minimalist in design with no branding or logos of any sort. The case is not as transparent as displayed in the pics and does not display the apple logo which doesn't bother me. I wish it provided a little more grip. All in all a great looking case.

  • MetCom45 - Buy it. It's fantastic.

    This is my first Chromebook. I've had it for a few days now. I had a good understanding of Chromebooks before I purchased this, so I knew what to expect. Specifically referring to this computer, though, it's fantastic. The keyboard is fantastic, the keyboard backlighting is wonderful (the main reason I chose this Chromebook) the screen exceeds expectations (extremely bright and crisp) and the touchpad is very accurate and sensitive. I've read complaints about the touchpad, but I cannot agree. I'm picky about touchpads, too. I would say with confidence that this touchpad handles better than any Windows based laptop I've ever had. It simply hasn't been finicky, jumpy, inaccurate or anything.