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  • Atlanta Lawyer - Keeps Shutting Down During Backup in Windows Vista Environment

    I have had this product for a few months now. I have never been able to run a successful backup. I am in the Windows Vista 32-bit environment, and the backup will get about 2% complete when my computer goes dark and completely shuts down. I have been extremely disappointed with this product and its effect on my computer. I cannot recommend it and feel as though I've been sold a defective product.

  • Eddie - this mouse is great! I would talk about this mouse nonstop to ...

    The Finalmouse is a bit overpriced for what you actually get. But coming from a G303, this mouse is great! I would talk about this mouse nonstop to people, like people who don't stop talking about Breaking Bad, if it were priced a bit cheaper.

  • jim ballentine - pre-mature unit failure

    only used 4 or 5 times after paying over $200 for model SI-70R. Stopped steaming. Determined circuit board had defective transistor causing water pump to be inoperative which in turn caused heater assembly safety switch to open shutting off steam heater. unit worked great for minimal time it worked.

  • Exquisite Reviews by Ally - Excellent dash cam, genius design and quality recording! A+

    I am very much enjoying the use of my new dash cam player! This is such a high quality system, that is so simple to set up! With an 1080p and full HD format, I am sure to get clear and precise accounts of anything that goes on when I am away from my vehicle, or even if a traffic incident occurs, this help to capture in live mode the true accounts of those circumstances. I am very pleased at how simple this is to get set up. It took only a few minutes to get this up and going. The quality of the recordings are excellent. It is capable of holding up to 64 GB which is a lot of storage and space for a camera of this size. I absolutely love having this in my car, it also provides a sense of security knowing that even when I am away, and my car is parked, it senses collisions and will record promptly. Thankfully, nothing has occurred for me to have to report any incidences, however, I know that I am now prepared and better protected because I have this dash cam to capture true events as they unfold. As for some of the specs on this dash camera, as best described by the manufacturer:

  • David - STEP1 sucks...

    I swear by this book. Currently studying for STEP1. I would be completely lost if it wasn't for this book. However, while this may be used as a primary source for information, you can't expect to pass with ONLY this material. UWorld is a MUST. Generally, First Aid + UWorld (and maybe Goljan if you have time) is sufficient.

  • Breeze - Love it

    Enjoyed the old and new stories. As always Ms alexa Riley delivers a great story of HEA and alpha male