My Menopause Journey - My Menopause Journey is your friendly, fun and free source of information related to menopause! Know how to manage your symptoms and feel better now!"

  • Early Menopause Symptoms - Facts and Tips - Statistics show that 5 % of women will experience early menopause symptoms! When does menopause start? Read and learn more about it today!
  • How Long does Menopause Last - How long does menopause last? When does menopause start? Find the answers to these questions today and manage your menopause age with finesse and enjoyment!
  • Low Progesterone Symptoms Hurt Menopausal Women - Learn more about the roles, side effects of progesterone and its benefits for menopause! Fight off low progesterone symptoms and feel good all the time!
  • Male Menopause and The Truth Behind It - Some men have claimed to have male hot flashes! Do male menopause or andropause symptoms really exist? Discover the truth about menopause for men today!
  • Menopause in Different Countries - Every woman will go through menopause, but each experience will be different from the other. Discover the image of menopause in different countries today.
  • Discover Your True Menopause Stage Today - Are you having Pre Menopause symptoms? Do you see signs of Perimenopause? Know your right menopause stage and learn more about premenopausal symptoms today!
  • Signs of Perimenopause and Things that You Need to Know - Do you think you are having signs of perimenopause? Learn more about it and check if it's really the symptoms of perimenopause that's bothering you today!
  • Menopause Journey - Your Happily Ever After - Are you feeling some premenopausal symptoms now? Stop worrying and check if you are already in the menopause age today! Enjoy your menopause journey!
  • Aching Body and Joint Pain - How to Deal with It - Are you suffering from an aching body and joint pain? Don't let these ruin your menopause! Get tips to heal yourself naturally today!
  • Anxiety and Depression and Ways to Feel Better - Don't let anxiety and depression ruin your menopause journey! Learn some tips to feel good about yourself and enjoy your journey better!
  • Bloating and Water Retention during Menopause - Did you know that you can get rid of bloating and water retention in menopause? Find out a few secrets here! Know more and feel better during menopause!
  • Body Odor in Menopause and How to Get Rid of It - Get rid of Body Odor during Menopause! Don't let any armpit smell ruin a day in your menopause journey! Get tips for fresher and more fragrant you today!
  • Candida Infection and What it does to Women in Menopause - Candida can be a systemic disease! Know the signs of yeast infection, tips to prevent it and ways to treat the problem. Check if you have candida today!
  • Crashing Fatigue in Menopause - If you have experienced sudden episodes of weakness and exhaustion, you could be having a crashing fatigue! Learn more about this menopause symptom here.
  • Digestive Problems and How to Get Rid of Them - Are you suffering from a bad gas in stomach? This and other digestive problems could be related to your menopause! Learn how to avoid and treat them now!
  • Dry Hair Skin Nail Hair and Eyes and How to Treat Them - Are you looking for the right treatment for dry hair skin or hair? Or are your eyes too dry that you need ways to treat them? Get tips and treatments here!
  • Headache and Dizziness - Management Tips for Menopause - Has your menopause brought you headache and dizziness? You should know that you can manage them easily with some great tips! Read more and get learn how.
  • Heart Palpitations in Menopause - Is This Normal? - Discover why middle age and menopausal women, sometimes experience stronger and faster heartbeats. Learn more about heart palpitations and how to manage it.
  • Hormone Balance - The┬áMenopause Way - Hormone balance is a vital key to your overall wellness. See how hormones work and what you can do to the changes brought about by menopause. Check it out!
  • Hot Flashes Should NOT be a Problem in Menopause - Don't let hot flashes in women ruin your wonderful menopause journey! Get rid of it to feel better and enjoy more! Learn more about hot flashes in men too!
  • Memory loss and How to Deal with It during Menopause - Don't let menopause bring your memory down! Learn about the memory loss test, memory games for adults and other ways to improve memory today!
  • Mood Swings and Why I Have It - Are Mood swings in women normal during menopause? What are mood swings, how to avoid and treat it during menopause! Check it out today!
  • Osteoporosis Causes Symptoms Prevention and Treatment - Many menopause age women suffer from the symptoms of osteoporosis! Learn about the causes of osteoporosis and get tips for prevention and treatment today!
  • Ways to Sleep Well and Feel Great - Didn't have enough sleep? Learn about sleep deprivation symptoms and check if you are experiencing the symptoms of insomnia! Know how to sleep well today!
  • Sex related problems during menopause and how to manage them - Do you suffer from sex related problems in menopause? Not all works for everyone, but you can find a solution that works best for you!
  • Stress Symptoms - Ways to Feel Better and Stay Relaxed - Do you feel so stressed out? Manage your health & reduce stress symptoms on the body! Learn how to release stress for good!

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  • Toni - I followed the directions & kept it on for 8 minutes & it worked awesome on my upper lip

    I used this once & I was hooked. No more waxing or trying to find the little shaver. My mom bought this & let me try it. I followed the directions & kept it on for 8 minutes & it worked awesome on my upper lip. I did have slight irritation even though I used the protecting balm.

  • Roseville Runner - User-friendly

    I have used TurboTax for over 10 years. However, this year H&R Block at Home's price was just too good to pass up. Now, our tax is fairly simple now. We no longer have our own business and our biggest deduction is our home mortgage interest payments.

  • Annamarie Briggs - Wow - so, incredible!!!

    I couldn't wait to post this review, we used Wen Sweet Almond Conditioner Cleanser on my 11 and 16 year old daughters. I thought this would eliminate the need to smooth fuzzies and help bottoms of their hair, which were drier than the top.

  • San-G - Upside down or downside up

    The album itself is amazing and I'd recommend it to any coin collector. The makers of quarters made it impossible to view this album in the natural way. If you want to see front and back of a quarter you have to turn the album upside down - and once you fill it up with coins it gets heavy.... Kudos to Zyrus Press... and a little message to coin makers-turn those "heads" the right way

  • A. Harris - Purchased from CVS

    I purchased this from my local CVS for $14.99 and started taking premama on July 1st I love the fact that it has no taste however, I haven't noticed any thing yet , may be too early to tell I will write an update when I notice any changes! Good luck ladies!!

  • Carolina Le├│n - An incredible, forbidden story with unique, powerfull and unforgettable characters sharing an ephemeral love.

    I have to admit that this is the first PNR that I've ever read in my entire life lol (I'm 28, I know, It sounds like an "eternity" lol) and I LOVED it from the beginning till the end.

  • Tomek - Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store

    Garden shears are made cheap like from dollar store. I had to file a screw sticking out from the blade, no quality control. They cut pretty well though.