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  • J.C.L. - From anxiety to sleeplessness?

    I purchased this on a recommendation from a childhood friend. I was struggling with Generalized Anxiety and had difficulty sleeping as well. I saw immediate relief. I bought the flavorless calm, added the hot water and an herbal tea bag, then let it sit until somewhat cooled. I guzzled it down in an effort to have it reach my bloodstream quickly. When I used it for sleep, once I drank it I'd lie down in bed and prepare for sleep. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

  • Rosemary S. - Love Skinnytaste, but this is just ok

    I absolutely love the first cookbook and the blog and will probably buy every cookbook Gina writes, but this one is mediocre compared to the first cookbook. When I received the first cookbook, I had a meal plan ready for weeks because everything looked so delicious and different from the blog. I have had this cookbook for almost a week and haven't even flipped all the way through it. The recipes don't look bad, but many seem like they have been on the blog before or just nothing too exciting. With that being said, I am trying a couple recipes from it this week and I am sure they will be delicious. I guess the bottom line is that my expectations far exceeded the actual cookbook this time around.

  • Amazon Customer - Book bad.

    Cliches run wild. In the characters, the setting, plot and language. "She started tearing up again"!!! and again and again... and all she did was "tear up". Really grabbed my imagination. (Sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?). Not an avid reader's thriller of choice. Predictable, unoriginal and amateurish writing and plot. Character are weak. Seems like a mix of different borrowed plot. The language is repetitive and seems like its targeted towards middle school kids more than adults. Read a Nancy Drew? Literary wise - more advanced reading.