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  • Amazon Customer - Burning Scalp

    Although this products does work, it has my scalp very irritated and burning. It feels like a really bad toothache. I may have to see a dermatologist to help with this burning sensation.

  • Diane Parker - What a WASTE!!

    I've used Printmaster Platinum in the workplace for years; I purchased Printmaster Platinum 18 for home use. Never a problem. LOVED the many ways I could design cards, letterhead, business cards, labels...THEN, I decided to update to the Printmaster 2012 version. It SUCKS like a HOOVER!!! Slow as molasses in winter. Takes two hours...on a good create a card. I've never been SO disappointed over ANY product I've purchased. SHAME on you Broderbund. Stop sending me your come-ons!! Worthless!

  • L. P. River - Like a boss . . .

    This thing sounds and performs like it is nuclear powered. I personally wear lead shielding whenever I use it, just to be on the safe side (insert smile emoticon here). It takes a little getting used to because it is so strong and fast. But I would never go back to an ordinary blender.

  • Little Rain - Works, but follow ReNew Life's protocol.

    This product worked great for me. Just know I started with the ReNew Life's Cleanse, the Paragone, the Liver cleanse, and finally Candigone with the Fish oil and the probiotics. I've found that I have Celiac, SO I do not utilize sugars well, and that the undigested sugars easily cause systemic HARD-TO-CURE Candida. Ugh. And I kinda craved sugar. Alot. After going thru the entire ReNew Life's recommended protocol, I lost 20 lbs, my stomach was flat and not a bloated blob. My energy is AWESOME. I didn't crave foods. My brain is clear. Big surprise was my fibromyagia is gone. I no longer need thyroid medication. My headaches are gone. My digestive process is running better than I can ever remember. I started this ReNew Life product line nearly a year after I was found to have celiac, and still wasn't having good digestion. Now I do the Total Body cleanse every 6 months. And when I can afford it, I take the CandiZyme. Especially during times when I indulge in some sugar foods around the holidays. This cleansing protocol wasn't cheap, but it was the best line of products I've ever followed with any long term success. Year two, and my weight is stable. I eat only real foods like salads and meats, no process food stuff that can hide wheat gluten and chemicals. My health is excellent. I'm happy with the ReNew Life stuff. If your candida is BAD, to expect to success with Candizyme you have to do the whole line in the order they recommend for total success. I did. It was worth it.

  • Tom Alexander - sounds are clear with the bass sounding good

    The sound quality is decent and i would rate it 4/5 compared to other earphones i have used previously however this is compared to rather large over ear headphones worth almost 10x these ones. The sounds are clear with the bass sounding good and strong but not overpowering the trebles. The sound was much better when i changed earbuds to a size more appropriate to my ear also.

  • Lois Ringle - New American Bible

    I will be traveling to Israel and I wanted to bring a bible along so I can reference places during my travels. The index of the New American Bible is easy to access and easy to quickly find the passage I need.

  • Doris J. Gibson - It is just great.

    I have been using this for about 4 months. My edges and sideburns have been cleaned out for several years. I started using this