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  • golumil - good book for travel medecine

    There is all i need to understand what is important (about deseases and prevention) in any area of the world

  • luckygoose - Slows down the system

    I purchased PC version of this because it was relatively cheap and for the convenience that I don't either have to physically go out to buy the product or wait for the order to arrive. I did use the older version of Norton and thought it'd be a good idea to get the upgraded newer version. I didn't have any problems installing these and it everything seemed to work smoothly. Not to mention, I was impressed by how it provided many improved features compared to the previous one that I had before. But then, After a week of usage, I was constantly annoyed by how it was making my whole computer system slow especially when I'm on the internet working on multiple websites. It's just frustrating to restart the whole program since it takes forever to recover the pages and keeps on freezing for no reason.

  • Casey Haven - At Last ! Technology In A Kitchen Product!

    OK, I have been cooking for a good 30 years and a decent deep fat fryer has always been a wish of mine but I knew that like most kitchen appliances it would likely be designed by a group think bunch of men who do not have a fog of an idea of what it's actually used for, so it was easy for me to resist the urge to buy another GM equivalent of a deep fat fryer that would end up just another piece on the heap at the local Good Will. But upon reading the specs on this baby, it actually seemed as if someone did their homework here..! YIPES...this is like the number one rule of product design in money by not doing any prior research and pass the savings on to the consumer by spending more on advertising. These being my assumptions I was happily surprised after purchasing this product.

  • The Johnston's - my OROGOLD experiance

    I had initially hesitated from purchasing the product because of the price. But, the lady somehow managed to convince me with a free product demo. I suffer from oily and acne prone skin and my skin breaks out quite often as well. I was a bit apprehensive about applying the products on my skin, but when I saw the amount of dead skin it peels off, I start believing in the product. I purchased it and applied it in the coming weeks hoping to get better results. I was surprised when I started getting compliments about my complexion. This was a first for me and I was really pleased.

  • JNFoo - Pricey and limiting license detracts from otherwise decent office software

    I consider myself an up and coming excel "guru" so when it came time to kit out a new system I wanted the latest I could get. I'm not a fan of subscription software so I opted for this key card. My two big gripes that stopped it from being a perfect 5-star rating was 1) way too expensive for a home and student version because 2) You're limited to just one PC. So if you have a laptop and a desktop you go between, you'd need two of these overpriced key cards.