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  • Ryan Thomas - It's a Must have....

    It's a great cologne and a GREATER value!!!.... I use 2 wear it years ago and I thought it was discontinued, man was I wrong!!!!...

  • Laura - My hair was unhealthy and falling out before using Bosley ...

    My hair was unhealthy and falling out before using Bosley. Now I have a healthy head of hair again.

  • NorCalo - A Great Shot of Energy

    I like this product as a pre-workout supplement. It's caffeine-based, which you can definitely feel, and the thermogenic component really does get a good sweat going. Is it an absolutely must have? Probably not. However, it gives me just the right kick and focus to put in a good session at the gym.

  • Loucas George - Disapointing

    I have been a Quicken user for some time. As a a matter of fact I think you could say I depend on it. So,when it came to upgrading my 2011 to 2014,especially when it gave the promise of working on my Ipad & phone etc.I thought it was a not brainer. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. Installation and transfer were great. But since I have began using it, it keeps on crashing. I will be in the middle of reconciling accounts and it will lock up and shut down. Also it seems like I have to buy into this Quicken cloud now to get it to work with my mobile devices. I have Quicken on-line backup that I pay for, I have Sugarsync, Google Cloud and I have Icloud that I pay for, is this another thing I have to buy to put my info on the internet?? Other wise I do not see all that much which is different from my 2011 except that it now crashes. So much for trust. Sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone. I used to use a great program called ACT which I also lived by. It was sold and became crap. Hope Quicken isn't going down that path!

  • Dennis K Miller, Sr. - Freezer Burn

    I used earlier versions and was totally happy. Installed the new version and what a negative experience. I got it loaded ok but the darned thing freezes up as I try to import simple photos to a project. Not only does it lock up but it freezes the entire computer forcing me to power down and reboot. There is no warning message that something is amiss or I've done some bizaro thing Roxio doesn't like. Piece of garbage.